Growth mindset.

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Sadness and Fear are on the other side of pain and anger. For some people, pain and anger are the only acceptable emotions to have. Some people can’t admit they are scared or face their sad. But even when we point fingers we only project that which we know and experienced…

How do we project better images of others and ourselves in light of our limited and biased perception?

Can a good nights rest help? How about a walk around nature or writing things out? What is the best way to process any feeling?

Snapping at others or projecting or trying to unload grief on another person creates a ripple effect and murky waters. At the same time, the waters can heal with proper nurturing. So, how do we heal murky waters?

Sometimes things get dirty, but that’s part of life.

Are we able to accept the natural process of healing?

Are we able to accept even more wonderful things?

How set is our Happiness Limit? How can we expand it? How can we nurture proper thoughts? How can we think the right thing? What is the right thing to think? What is right?

It’s all based on our limited perception, and our willingness to try new things. The old got us this far, but how much farther—and joyous—can a new way of thinking take us?

How far are you trying to reach?

With proper focus and action, whatever we strive for we can attain. If we strive to maintain our old story because of Sadness, Fear, Pain, Anger or the like, we will continue to achieve the same results. But, if we have the courage to face a new story, one where we healed our past, the possibilities are endless—and wonderful.

But change is scary, change is different; the same is familiar and—in a way—comfortable. It’s all we’ve ever known, but what is beyond the unknown?

Seeking is sometimes uncomfortable and challenging.

Like all new things learn, a growth mindset habit takes time, and the process is not linear. Hiccups and regressions occur, but with continued effort and practice all new things can be learned.

We get what we set our minds to—what are our minds set to today?

Thank you for reading, may you have a wonderful day.

Hello Friday!

I hear it: the silence; the rhythm of my heartbeat; the ebb and flow of my breath.

There is no brain noise here…

there are no mind gremlins,

there is not an ounce of monkey chatter, mitotes, head static, or incessant inner-talk.

I am focused on ONE thing.

One thought.

One mantra.


THIS space.



recipe for good day:

2 cups of hot water.

3 glasses of water at room temp.

at least 5 vital foods (fruits, nuts, beans, legumes, and vegetables).

30 minutes (no-mind) meditation.

sprinkle in some reading.

5 minutes of prayer (sub. conscious intention/intentional thinking).

5 minutes of free-writing (sub. talk to yourself out-loud).

include body movement.

music to taste.

add a bunch of courage.

spend time with nature.

name the things you’re grateful for.

enjoy quality time with others.

say hi to a stranger.

be thankful, gracious, and full of wonder.

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Appreciate the world around (the world we continuously co-create) and if you don’t like something about it stop complaining and do something about it. Always be kind with yourself, plants, animals, and others; have fun, be light-hearted, and enjoy your PRESENT.

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. _________________________
  2. _________________________
  3. _________________________
  4. _________________________
  5. _________________________
  6. _________________________
  7. _________________________

Enjoy life a little bit more than yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Growth mindset.

  1. Stephen Downs April 30, 2021 / 09:12

    Today I’m grateful for:
    1. Deydreaming’s sedimentary effect.
    2. Spring tulips & lawns
    3. Basement waterproofing contractors today, timely.
    4. The persistent generosity of my work colleagues
    5. The forgiveness of souls I can’t rescue
    6. The unexpected loyalty of people I treasure
    7. The blessed relief of tears

    Liked by 1 person

    • Author April 30, 2021 / 09:26

      Thank you for sharing🙏💗✨


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