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deyani deydreaming, Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA.

My name is Deyani. I teach Non-Violent Forms of communication to groups of of incredibly adorable and fun young humans at an innovative and wonderful school near Boulder, Co.—where I currently live.

Inspired by the many young humans I spend considerable time with and because Early Childhood Education is so important to humans—as it is the foundation of our formation—I also write Children’s Books.

Thanks to the amazingness of the internet, I am able to offer children content that helps kids cope with their early childhood years to even more young minds.

Check out my book, POOP: a book about going big potty it’s now on Amazon.

Adorable child in front of storefront window containing books, POOP: a book about going big potty and wonderful you are by deyani deydreaming

POOP: a book about going big potty has helped thousands of children form a comfortable relationship with talking about going big potty and practicing toilet-training.

POOP: a book about going potty is the #1 tool parents need when their toddlers begin to enter their toilet-training years.

Children as young as two years old may begin to enjoy this book—even before they begin toilet- training children age can begin to enter a dialogue about going poop in the potty.

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You and you toddlers may also enjoy some of deyani’s favorite book she turned into videos, here.

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