what are you creating?

…if you want to make a greater difference in this world

or already are. This website is for you.

deydreaming does not promise immediate changes but does offer tools for living a more fulfilling and abundant life while you create.


How fast you evolve is entirely up to you. The more often you look at these tools, the more often you come back to deydreaming, the more you will solidify your foundation. The stronger you will build your mud-house.

Learning is a lot like building a mud-house.

You learn in layers, it takes time to dry. The more mud you put on it, the stronger the building. The stronger the structure, the deeper the learning. Imagine what the world will look like without continuously feeding thoughts of Fear and Lack—what does constantly nourishing more thoughts of Faith and Success look like. What kind of things can peaceful, harmony-filled humans create?


Whatever it may be that you are currently creating, or if you’re still considering to perhaps one day soon begin to create something, this site may help you. By revisiting deydreaming again and again you will be reminded of Inner-Peace and Harmony inspiring things like remembering to enjoy Life, express gratitude, and not get lost in the monkey chatter.

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No matter where you are on Planet Earth, if you’re reading this—if the Universe brought you to deydreaming— you don’t have a problem with Lack. If anything, you may have an issue with embracing Abundance…but let’s not go into that now.

Enjoy Your Present and Seattle, AirBnB Experience, find out more about this mindfulness adventure at 7daysPresent.com

Our goal here is Inner Peace.

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In the meantime, we embrace and we enjoy because we know that everything is happening in accordance to the Divine Plan of our lives.

At deydreaming we remind you of these things, and we wear what we talk about.

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