Glass Ceiling

i like beautiful things. i like quality.

i get scared sometimes.
…a great idea crosses my path.

it. is. amazing.

it’s astonishing. it’s gunna save the world.
then i judge myself.
i deliberately kill my brain child.

but what is on the OTHER side?

what if i didn’t judge myself? what if I just let my idea live?

what if… what if I were to breath-in life to my idea then breath-out out judgement.

i don’t know everything, i really don’t know much at all…really.

i just feel gross and dirty with all the piles and upon piles of dead ideas inside of me…

i don’t wanna be the place where ideas go to die.
i’m just so scared…but, really, i have no idea what I’m even scared of?!
is it failure? no. no no. no… with each idea that i put into action. with each idea that i manifest a huge weight feels like it is being expunged out of me.

it. feels. good.

so. then it IS success!
why. why. why? won’t i let myself feel so good?



Good Wolf, Bad Wolf

Ultimately you have control over what you continue to think.

Once you become aware of your thoughts, what do you chose to feed?

All of those negative thoughts, the ones that make you feel yuck.
Those are the ones you’re trying to feed?

But why?

Once you become aware of your negative thoughts why do you continue to feed them.
Do you WANT them to get bigger?
Why are you giving them all the power?

You are what you continue to think.

Nobody is forcing you to continue to think that —you’re doing it all by yourself.

Once you perceive the negative though you have the power to change it.

Don’t spread those thoughts onto other people… don’t be like, here, hear this 💩, let me just smear it all over your being.

Sure, we can “vent” to friends; it’s super helpful to talk things out. BUT. When does venting become your go-to conversation?

When does “venting” become the only thing you talk about.

Are you even aware of what you’re talking about?

Do you know what you are perpetuating in your world…

You are what you speak.

The worst is when you speak ill of others… don’t you know that you have the power to form the perception of others?

If you talk 💩 about one person, and you “hate” that person and you spread all of your hate (in forms of words) upon everyone else… what do you think that will do? And, most importantly how does that affect you.

We are constantly creating our world around us.

Why then spread so much 💩.

Do you ever plan to clean it up?

You are what you speak. Clean your Self.
Your thoughts continuously form your being, and your world.

What are you continuously thinking?

Do you choose to feed it? If so, why?


what are you perceiving?

I judge myself all the time.
Therefore, I judge others all the time.
I judge based on my perception of the world. I use my prior knowledge knowing full well that EVERY situation is a new situation.

Sometimes it work out, sometimes it’s NOT the best way to perceive a new moment.

When I make connections with difficult situations with hurtful memories from the past I only end up hurting the moment (you know that silly little thing that connects us with existence…kinda like the only thing that truly matters)

Perception matters.

My perception of others rises —or limits— mine and others possibilities.

And my perception of others largely depends on myself; everyone is a mirror.

What kind of World am I nurturing? What kind of Self?

My Self is not my parents, my Self is not my family or friends, my Self is not the media or what culture tell us to do. My truest Self is that little four year old.

Remember your inner child.

When we are young we are the most true.

Then we slooooowwwly get molded to fit right into our parents molds, family molds, friend’s molds, media molds, culture…

We don’t have to lose our truest Self —we’d be much happier if we didn’t.

We’d be much happier if we just enjoyed the moment.
Embraced it like a good ol wave🌊

Can we and will we allow ourselves to, just, be?


What do you think?

Thinking for oneself… gross🤢

I’d rather do what my mom tells me, or my dad, or my sibling, or my friends, or my coworkers, or the media, or random people that I meet on the streets or on the internet…

THEY have all the answers!

How dare I even begin to believe that I have any of the answers for myself, for my own life?

Naw, that would be taking to much action and responsibility towards my life.

It’s easier to NOT think for oneself.
Because it’s too easy to be wrong and because ultimate I guess I just don’t trust myself enough —but I’ll blindly trust other people💗

Because other people KNOW BETTER than I do. They are outsiders so they can see more clearly how I should best live my life.

I value other people’s opinions way more. And I will completely and utterly do whatever they suggest that I do because of course they must have the best intentions for me in their opinions and suggestions!

Other people want me to succeed in life, they want to see me THRIVE, so I ask for THEIR advice and I do what THEY say and my life is better —just like THAT🙌

I KNOW it’s better because I’m doing what everyone else is doing.

— THAT my friend is the true way towards happiness 🙂

Always do what others are doing, and what others tell you to do.

Don’t waste your time learning to trust yourself and heart. That takes waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
too much time and effort😭😣😑

I trust my mom, she knows best. Or my dad. Or my siblings. Or my friends. Or coworkers. 💩 even strangers in the internet have better answers!!!!


F all that work! Easy street alllllllllll the way 😉


Be real.

When you’re fake, you’re only fake with yourself.

When you lie, you only lie to yourself.

When you’re angry at someone, it’s only you that hurts.

Be genuine.

Be real.

Speak, and live, YOUR truth.

How do you know what your truth is?

Let me tell you, it’s NOT what your friends or family tell you. It’s not what some book, or counselor, or Oprah tells you —because they are not inside of you.

They are not you.

They’ve never been you.Tthey will never be you. So on YOU can find YOUR own truth.

When you live your truth you get to live in harmony with your SELF. In harmony with the World.

It just takes YOU.

Take the challenge.

It is time.


i’ll be me and you be you

I don’t want to impress you… I just want to be me. And, maybe..hopefully…perhaps inspire you —in some way— to fully be YOU💗

I love you.

I see how beautiful you are and I am honored to cross paths with you; for us to share a bit of our journey through, this vast and thrilling world, with eachother.

…I’m at a loss for words but it’s the truth: I love you and I am honored to share this existence with you.



Glass Ceiling

Is anybody else ever like, “woah I’m so happy & things are going great… hmm, maybe that’s enough happiness & things going great for me —maybe it’s time to bring my happiness DOWN a little bit, or a lot…” 🤔

Does anybody else have a “glass ceiling” …does anybody else have times when things are going great then suddenly you get sick; or things are going great then suddenly you get a parking ticket; or things are going great but then you get in an argument with someone..

Is it possibly to just accept things and not get bothered, or “brought down” by random details.

Is it possible to live harmoniously (in peace) within your being… forever, always, for the rest of life🤔

Can I accept all the goodness? Can I embrace Harmony and all of the beauty that is all around me. Can I accept this miracle that we call life?

Thunderstorms are not any less beautiful than clear, sunny-blue days with big, white puffy clouds in the sky. I’ve heard people complain about both.

So how can we ADMIRE and RESPECT both… and for how long???

Can the rest of my life be ever increasingly beautiful, or will I continue to bring myself down, to find reasons to hide, to complain…to NOT live life to the fullest.

Is feeling Full Pain any better than being fully happy, content with this existence —with this world I am continuously helping to create.

I’ve met so many people, and so many seeds were planted in me… and I know I’ve planted seeds in others as well. But what, WHAT will grow out of all of this and that🤔

Is a lush garden possible? And for how long….