Hi, my name is Deyani, I’m the author of this site and a handful of Children’s Books.

I’ve traveled a bit (see here), lived in various parts of the world (like here), I like exploring (check here).

Learning around the planet is so much fun but my absolute favorite is rediscovering the world through the eyes of children.

deydreaming and kids

And, I also really happen to enjoy reading to kids.

I like it so much that I made some videos narrating a few of my favorite children books (from wonderful authors like Dr. Seuss and Colby Yamada) then posted my tribute to these authors on YouTube. Here’s a popular playlist:

I also design and sell t-shirts.


I think it’s good to live in the PRESENT, to enjoy the moment (each and every event, no matter how mundane) because it’s all a gift. Isn’t? So I’m conducting an experiment over at —if you wanna check it out.

Enjoy Your Present and Seattle

I’d love to host a successfully-life-enhancing podcast one day…for now, all I have are some meager attempts but still, good stuff. You be the judge:

deydreaming and OMtheKitty

Yoga is my number one best friend —after my cat, Om.

I am grateful for both, and those moments of practice; when I get to meditate, strengthen my body through asanas, and cultivate Prana.

I am also grateful for a bunch of other random things…


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