1. wonderful you are

by Deyani Deydreaming

wonderful you are
Inspired by a wonderful infant this is a lovely book about being human, featuring bright and colorful graphics it is directed at babies 0—7 months old. However older humans, 4 yr+, will love to read this book again and again as it is inspiring and motivational for everybody; EVERYONE is wonderful, life is ever so unique, and this book is a great reminder.
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2. How I Wipe my Poop

by Deyani Deydreaming

COVER-how to clean my poop

After experiencing countless poopy incidents with numerous children this story was born during one particularly funny, poopy accident with an extremely inquisitive and adorable three year old. With aims to help make going big-potty easier this book also features ten “potty-routine” sheets at the end of the story. Caution: this story may be asked to be read numerous and countless of times, in other words, a lot-lot.

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