Monday Motivation: sweet dreams

I love children’s books. I love reading to children. So, I started turning all of my favorite storybooks into videos because I enjoy it, and because I strongly believe we need to offer our kids more content of value.

I may not be Mr. Rodgers, and I know children are not dumb. They are little human sponges, just soaking up everything they hear, see and feel. They really don’t need exuberant, loud and fantastical programming like what is shown in so many kids shows these days.

Calm, reflective and slow programming works just as well —and perhaps better.

What kind of humans do we want to co-created?

I don’t think any of us want the next generation to be manic, running around in a world that just won’t stop.

Can we all just slow down and breath a while? What are we really rushing for?

There is nothing to rush for. We will all get to the finish line eventually. But some of us will enjoy the journey more than others. Some of us will savor each bite and taste every flavor, and we will rest in utter peace because we have made space to fulfill our hearts true desires.

My heart desired to make some children’s videos. Been making content for kids as a hobby. Just completed my first playlist, a sweet compilation of ten children’s storybooks for any occasion, or for bedtime —to help send them off into deep, restful sleep.

May the child in each of us enjoy deep slumber.

Sweet dreams.




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