Yoda said it best, but do people embrace the light side or the dark.

Did you know, when we fear, we are caught in the dark—even in those times when we think we are fearing for the best.

“Fear is the part to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


What if, same as in Disney’s 2015 hit movie Tomorrowland, our combined thoughts—as whole world community—created the circumstances we faced throughout 2020?

Over the last decade, we’ve become more and more connected than ever—even remote villages gained access to Google and Facebook. However, the growth in connection via technology has not advanced on par with the evolution of human cognition.

While humans began to face a world that may comfortably suit and very well fit their every need, they hesitated to embrace it. They struggled to thrive beyond their wildest possibilities. They got stuck on survival; they got stuck on fear. They manifested a world-wide pandemic.

What has covid resulted in?

May it not be fear. Instead, may you be embracing all of your wonderful possibilities. May you be thriving in a world that is way past just surviving. May you be grateful everyday. May you enjoy your PRESENT; your family, your friends, your audience, your clients, your pets. May you be enjoying the world around you; your Nature, your community, your home…for—in a Universe filled with infinite possibilities—you must’ve been created to enjoy the wonderful Creations this existence has to offer. Nobody wants to watch a flower suffer, and everything has its time; what is it time for you to do?

Instead of Fear, what can you be embracing?

When you fill up with all of the good things; self-care, Nature, Inner-Peace through Prayer and Meditation, positive songs and media, nourishing conversations and thoughts, there is very little room for junk things—there is very little room for fear, stress, anxiety, self-pity, or self-doubt. But if you’re human, those creepers may still come around, so it’s important to exercise the mind daily and keep a healthy mental diet.

What kind of things are you doing to exercise your mind daily and keep a healthy mental diet?


When you have a toolkit to combat Fear, you will surely beat it, or work with it to manifest your most heartfelt desires. What is currently in your toolkit, and what else can you add?

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Appreciate the world around (the world we continuously co-create) and if you don’t like something about it stop complaining and do something about it. Always be kind with yourself, plants, animals, and others; have fun, be light-hearted, and enjoy your PRESENT.

Today, I am grateful for:

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Enjoy life a little bit more than yesterday.

Saturday, August 22, 2020 STIMULUS

This year certainly started off different—while new opportunities were opening up, certain doors were certainly closing, and all the while, there was some intrinsic knowledge; in my heart, it already knew—deep inside, it felt like things were still good, while it knew things were about to change—is this a usual occurrence. Meaning, do other humans experience this type of intrinsic knowledge?

Do we already know?

If so, then, how do we enjoy this life so much more? To my left, I see people who live in pure joy; to my right, I see those who chose to stay sad, they stay miserable, they complain. Complain, complain, complain—about everything and all their pain—they don’t seem to realize we are what we continuously talk about; we are what we discuss; we are what we say, do, or don’t like…

I appreciate so much.

In the middle of this drought, God, I thank you for the wind. In the middle of this drought, I look forward for the rain. And, still, not seeking to run away, I thank you for the sweat for it moisturize my body so, and it keeps my skin ever so smooth. Plus, I know that this is not forever; things change as fast as candles. While the wax melts away, time can never be replaced—so I enjoy it and appreciate. I thank God for everything step, every arch, and every stretch. Every inch forward is progress in my eyes—humans have never started off walking from the start. Babies fall and fall and fall, yet they keep going after every drop—they don’t give up because they’ve failed; if they did, none of us would ever be walking. But some full-sized humans tend to forget…they seem to not remember the Initial Learner is always within.

There’s still a baby deep inside each of us.

We are all, what we will always ever be. Meaning, the adult, the child, the baby is always still within. Fall one hundred times, then fall once more; fall as many times as you have to in order to reach your goals. The Ego wastes a lot of time, thinking this and that and all that crap. It often tends to forget, we live one life we must not waste.

So what are we doing with this life, what are we working for, what the fack do we even want? It’s so much easier to complain, it’s so much easier to be complacent, it’s so much easier to give up, but easy is not the most fulfilling path.

What is the legacy we want to leave?

What is the point of even living? I am so grateful for Nature…the birds, the stars, and all the trees. I am thankful for every beautiful thing I get to see. I thank nourishing relationships, good friends, and good hearts; the kindness of others; their patience, and love. God, I thank you for this mind state. Infinite Intelligence, you help me see all of the glorious things; the smell of a flower, the sound of my heart, the feel of cold water going down my spine. God, I am grateful for all you put in front of me; I am thankful for all you make me perceive.

Is this the end, or is it only the beginning?

Is the cup half-full, or is it half-empty? It’s all a matter of attention, it’s what we chose to focus on in life; it’s easy to say positive things, but it’s less easy to act positively. So how do we practice acting in the most nourishing way? How do we focus on all the beautiful things…in the middle of the drought, in the middle of the rain, in the middle of the fall, in the middle of the pain.

One step at a time, one single breath is all it takes. So breathe in deep, exhale allllllll out, the next breath brings a brand new thought. It’s all on what we chose to see. Yes, that’s a big ol-facking responsibility. But we must own it, and own it well—if we want to enjoy the drought and rain.

Thank you for reading. All the best and namaste.


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