Monday Motivation: stuck on good

Sometimes you get stuck on a though or an idea; don’t mean to sound cliche, but, it’s true, we get stuck on thoughts all of the time. Still, in order to give us room to grow, I say ‘sometimes’. Because, sometimes, it’s okay to get stuck on an idea if it’s befitting to our daily lives. If it serves the entirety our Life for the better then it’s serving a good purpose.

What are some good ideas I can get stuck on?

What kind of thoughts serve our Life for the better?

What’s a good thought to get stuck on?

What kind of thinking will help us out right now?

What useful things can I think?

What are some good things for me to think about me right now?

What kind of thoughts about myself will make me a most useful/purposeful human being?

How can I be the most useful/purposeful human being?

How can we use our thinking energy for the better?

What is better?

What feels good?

No harm; to ourselves, each-other, stuff, animals, even plants.

What goes around comes around. What we do onto others we do to ourselves. The Law of Karma, the Law of Action.

But how can we treat others well when we don’t treat ourselves good? Self-care starts with getting stuck on good thoughts. When the Self in self-nourished its fruits nourish others. When the Self is selfish, not taking time for self-care in order to make money, please others, whatever it may be—its blooms don’t fruit—there’s barely enough juice left to share with others.

What fills you up? Do more of that. 

May this message inspire you to be your best You, and live your best life.

Have a great day. Enjoy your PRESENT.

Today is a new Monday. It’s the start of a new week —what wonderful possibilities are awaiting me?

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Monday Motivation: Yes, Lord, YASSS

Top three YouTube—Christian—Spiritual videos to watch right now.

And again, and again, and again.

Whether or not you were born Christian, practice Christianity, or just live in the United States (the land “under God”) much can be learned from the following three videos. Lots of what the religious leaders in these Christian YouTube uploads say all leads up to the same thing; every religious leader is just trying to answer the same questions; they all aim to help us best navigate this human existence, and live our best life.

Learn what you can from the Christian doctrine on YouTube.

Check out the following three videos, binge watch on some awesome (inspiring, educational and motivational) Christian uploads.

Enhance your life with religious videos.

Yes, Lord, yes, to Your will and to Your way.
Yes, Lord, yes, I will trust You and obey.
When Your Spirit speaks to me, with my whole heart I'll agree,
And my answer will be, "Yes, Lord, Yes."

Top three Christian Spiritual videos on YouTube

Featuring Pastor Steven Furtick, Bishop TD Jakes, and Shawn Bolz these Christian based YouTube sermons, interviews and chats teach us ways to detox the mind, walk in the path of Inner Peace and Harmony, and how to turn pressure into three Christian videos on YouTube

top three Christian videos on YouTube8top three Christian videos on YouTube

If you’re not Christian I dare you to watch the following playlist; if you are God followers,  what are you waiting for, now is your chance to reconnect with Elohim!

Detoxing Your Mind: An Interview With Dr. Caroline Leaf
Crushing: God Turns Pressure Into Power with Bishop T.D. Jakes & Pastor Steven Furtick
Shawn Bolz: Walking in the Favor of God (Session 2 of 7)

May these videos inspire you to be your best You, and to live your best life.

Have a great day—enjoy your PRESENT. Monday is a new day…the start of a new week —what wonderful possibilities are awaiting?

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Monday Motivation: get out of your own way

I’m one of those people that like to get in my own way, a lot…but it’s technically not my fault. I say technically because now that I am aware of how I was softwired I should do something about it. Well, there’s a couple of problems…for one, is never a good a idea. Doing anything because “you should” takes the juice out of the apple of life. What if things really do happen for a reason and this was put into my wiring for a purpose.

Which bring us to the second point, allowing things to happen.

how to embrace tremulous times and inner weather?

Learn from the animals, they just let go.

I don’t know where I am going there is no roadmap to get to where I am going, my life is my own journey, yet it is not—it is shared with many people. How do I fit into my community? What is It that I bring? Why do I contribute?

If there’s a chance that I may leave the world way better than I found it, I want to try that. I want to go for that. I want to embrace and experience that. I do love and enjoy the life We have here on this day, in this Time, here on plane, our home, Earth.

Where will we go next, I do not know. All I know is that you can’t live on promises. It’s either TODAY, somewhat, at least a little because it’s never really ever tomorrow…when tomorrow gets here we find another excuse, or we forget to acknowledge the little effort we put forth.

Everything likes to be appreciated.

Even a little efforts needs to be appreciated, so that it can be built upon. For the millionth an one time: a baby doesn’t learn to walk overnight; whether or not they craw first there’s a bunch of trial and error in between (for every new thing a little human starts doing). We have tons of compassion for babies when they begin to try something —and fail a bunch of times. We forget that the Initial Learner is always with us. However we treat our inner baby it will respond.

humans are finicky beings.

can the inner harmony line ever be consistently walked? Can we have compassion towards our many Selfs in every stage of our process? What does that look like?

What does Self compassion look like?

Self-acceptance —and many people forget to accept the ideas that their Spirit chooses, so— accepting all of the wonderful possibilities in life is a key-aspect of self-acceptance.

How does one embrace new and wonderful possibilities?

one just does. It’s a choice.

But isn’t that easier said than done?

Everything is easier said than done, so begin with the words you choose to say. Tape your mouth shut if you have to; do it for whole week and listen to the words that want to come out of your head—do you really have to say them all? Specially the negative stuff…do you really need to say. Or do you just revert to that, but for why? Because, lack of imagination in the spur of the moment perhaps…so then practicing with Your Self throughout the day, “hey Me, how is You doing? How’s your day?” could be beneficial to helping You overcome the negative talk pattern you may or may not continuously regress to.

Just a thought, an idea, a tip for how to get out of your own way.
Remember to nurture the things that you appreciate, 
please like and share this with anyone you know 
that will find this valuable!

Have a great day—enjoy your PRESENT. Monday is a new day. The start of a new week —what wonderful possibilities are awaiting?

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Monday Motivation: life-roadmap

I hope that one day I get to fulfill all of my visions…it’s hard to maintain the courage sometimes, it’s hard to keep going at times, it’s easy to get lost frequently.

There are times when I don’t know what I’m doing, lets face it, that’s mostly all of the time—but who among us really knows WTF is really going on. We get lost in petty problems while floating on some kind of sphere somewhere in outer space (it’s incredible). The chances that we are even alive are so slim yet what have we created with this magnificent possibility?

The internet is pretty cool…

That happened in my lifetime. I am grateful that I am here to experience all of this cyber space. I live in a time when, thanks to this cyber space, I also get to explore my mental and physical space. The world is vast out there, so many different frames of minds and cultures…the world is vast inside too.

Because of my opportunity to pursue outer exploration I started exploring my insides too. It’s incredible how much a human can achieve when she’s brought outside of her mold. People’s expectations of you can either lift you up to your highest potential, or bring you way down. I didn’t say this, some scientisty guy, Carl Young, did. I’ve been trying to find that YouTube video interview of him that impregnated my young mind with that idea ever since I first saw it somewhere, about ten years ago. And, it’s also taken me that long to fully understand it. The obvious was true—possibly—right away; people do have an affect on you. The inverse is less easy to digest; you have an affect on people. 

Our expectations of someone will either lift them up or bring them way down.

Our own inner expectations of ourselves can do the same. If you’re lucky, or diligent enough, your self-talk is positive, uplifting, nurturing. If you were brought up by nagging parents, there’s a possibility you excessively nag yourself too. If your early nurturers berated you, made you feel less than, you could be continuing their early work in your current programing.

When was the last time that you defragmented yourself?

If you’ve ever owned a PC, you might have had to defragment it at some point. Files eventually became stored everywhere so defragmenting organized things and speed the computer up—the PC worked more effectively after the defragmenting period (which could take as much as three to five hours). That’s what writing and meditation does for the human brain, but defragmenting a human brain is a much longer process. So, throughout that time, a life-roadmap helps.

It is unclear how long it takes to defragment a human brain, everyone is different. The only advice that I can offer is to get a road-map. A life-roadmap will help you determine what to get back to when you get lost. This life-roadmap is a clear description of what you want, with full visuals of what you yearn for—because, if we are not working towards our goals then what is the point of living? If the ideas that manifest inside of our hearts and brain need to be born then does it make more sense to put our energy towards those ideas instead of…what people think of me…or who I am keeping satisfied…or who I could possibly upset.

The truth is, not everyone is going to like me, I cannot make anyone satisfied, people get upset over anything. Humans are finicky. Sometimes I am totally fine during traffic, other times I am tired, vulnerable, or hungry.

Those times when I am not feeling my best, a life-roadmap helps. I can see the things that I’ve determined to be important to me. I can practice redirecting my energy towards those things. Our energy may possibly not be completely infinite, I’ve heard rumors about humans getting old, tired and even dying…if I am one of those humans I’d like to spend my energy on the stuff that truly matters. I’d love to have continuous inner harmony—and that only happens when I follow my heart, when I do things because the urge to do them is born intrinsically, when I followthrough on being my own best friend and partner.

In order to achieve all of this a life-roadmap helps.

Would you like to have your own life-roadmap to help guide you when you are lost? I’ve laid it out in seven easy steps so you can make your own.

How to build your own life-roadmap:
  1. take a couple weeks to gather up a bunch of things that you really like; you can find words and images that attract you in magazines, online, junk-mail, postcards, etc. and put everything in a box for safe-keeping.
  2. write out, or print-out any words or things that you did not find but still want to add.
  3. get glue and a large picture frame (I got a 20″X30″ at a nearby, eco-friendly store).
  4. take out the glass and directly on the back of the frame layout your words and images in a way that is most visually appealing to you.
  5. carefully glue your words and images then let it dry overnight.
  6. put the glass back on the frame once your life-roadmap is done drying.
  7. hang it your life-roadmap somewhere you will consistently see it.

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Ever so often a person is really lucky and gets paired up with one of the coolest cats, ever.

OM-the-kitty so graciously arrived into my life after about a year of almost complete solitude. It was a time in my life of inner transformation and I am not quite sure that it’s ended yet, however my life has certainly started to open up and things have begun to move-in. OMtheKitty is one of them.

Two years ago this incredibly adorable kitten was the answer to my prayers. I wanted a neat pet, I wanted something to cuddle with, I wanted my home to not be so quiet and lonely anymore, so I searched online for different things to get. I considered rabbits, I considered dogs, and after tons of mulling over, I got a cat.

But OM-the-kitty is not just any kitten.

OMtheKitty, Om the kitty’s first drive home

From the moment that I picked her up, I wanted her. She was the cutest, tiniest kitten—only about eight weeks old—fit right in the palm of my hand. She was just a baby, so I didn’t want to cage her while I drove home. For almost two hours, I let her sit on my lap. At first, she meowed, crying loudly. Afraid it would not stop, I started chanting:


I didn’t stop chanting, the whole drive home! Even after OM-the-kitty fell asleep on my lap; she didn’t move, she no longer whined, she was undisturbed. After those initial meows, she acclimated quickly to me. Thanks to chanting calmly, I bonded with her, and easily named her: OM.

OM-the-kitty has certainly lived up to her name.

For starters, she’s put up with me. I’ve had a lot to learn about being a responsible pet owner. Having a pet is not just about getting your pet neutered/spayed, or providing food and shelter…pets need love and attention too.

Pets do not exist to appease the owner.

Perhaps because I make my cat do a lot of unusual things I can see that she needs a lot more of my attention, love, praise, and extra playtime. I’ve learned to reward her with extra tasty wet food after we go paddle-boarding, and I take her out to sniff, explore and climb outdoors if she’s been cooped up for too long—she’s comfortable with her leash and harness. She has lots of toy and she gets lots of pets.

The very best part about OM is what she learned to do this summer.

After trying just about every different kind of litter that they have at the pet store, I finally settled on some pine pellets that sort-of worked (they covered up the smell with a seemingly piney fresh scent, and they didn’t track as much as the litter that’s sandlike). But litter is litter and after about a year and a half of smelling random poops it was starting to drive me nuts. So I began researching cat-toilet-training kits however the reviews didn’t convince me to actually buy anything. Shortly afterwards, as I was driving home one day, I saw a box out on a curb up the hill that said, “for free”—it was a new cat-toilet-training kit. I double checked the contents inside, everything was clean, and I thought to myself: okay lets try it, after all, it’s free. 

I bought the special flushable litter, watched a bunch of videos, and started training Om right away.

It was a bunch of trial and error, mostly my fault each time, but summer is just about to end and OM-the-kitty is fully toilet-trained. I haven’t bought any litter in months, she didn’t even go through her entire flushable toilet-training litter.

My two year old is fully potty-trained.  

I am a fortunate pet haver—I do not own this animal, I am only grateful that it’s chosen me to care for it in this world. It’s true I’ve messed up a lot, but overall I’ve done good (she truly is the sweetest cat). She loves to cuddle, and—even though they’re rough—she gives the nicest kisses.

As I finish writing this post she licks my toes and snuggles closer to my feet, this is not unusual behavior for her; she’s just a most peculiar kitten. I am grateful to have OMtheKitty.


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Live your Present

a few good posts from

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Monday Motivation: labels

I never thought of myself as a writer, in fact, I still don’t, but there’s something inside of me that gets absolute pleasure from mixing words together whether on paper, or on a screen.

I get tired of writing, no…it’s more like one of the voices inside of my head says that I’m not good enough to be a writer; so, I stop.

I literally can’t keep writing—I figuratively freeze.

Thankfully the burning sensation eventually thaws me out, it ignites from within me a fire that can only be cooled down through writing. Sigh…does the battle within the self ever stop?

When did I start battling with myself?

I didn’t battle with myself as a child, I can honestly say that I cared for myself a lot more back then—I was my biggest best friend, I looked out for myself and I did things that I liked. I was not fake, and that is not to say that I am any sort of fake now—I try to be as natural as I can be (to fulfill the being that God made me) but it is difficult to be so real sometimes. It is no longer as easy to be just me as it was when I was a kid.

There are grown-up expectations now.

But what does it mean to be a grown up? It seems that everywhere I look being a grown-up means learning to complain more…being a grown up means doing the same thing over, and over, and over, and over…being a grown-up means letting go of play-time and discovery…being a grown-up means getting mad over arbitrary little shits like traffic and bad odor or simply whatever the #<@% other people do.

We cannot control other peoples behavior, we can only control our reaction.

What truly deserves our attention and energy? How do I give my attention and energy to more things that fuel me? How can I nurture the things that will help me to bloom and blossom? What should I be practicing everyday?

Like a baby eventually learns to walk, after several attempts, after tons of trial and error, adults can learn to enjoy more, diversify/expand/have fun (a hundred years is a long time, even seventy-eight), do less sitting/more moving, discover new and wonderful possibilities, let go of arbitrary shit. Labels…

I am not anything that I am labeled.

I just do, everyday, I do what I can to be helpful, sometimes I forget to be harmless…I forget about nature, I forget about animals and plants and people, I even forget about myself—I am only human.

What does it mean to be an adult human on Planet Earth in the 21st century?

Our world, somewhere in the Milky Way, is more united than ever; we have more possibilities than at any other time. Prior to this year, things have only remained the same because we thought we had to fall into these prefabricated adult paradigms. Just because we become adult shaped doesn’t mean we have finished maturing. When fruit is picked out of its prime it doesn’t taste good. How do we nurture the patience we need to have with ourselves in order to properly tend to our inner garden?

How do I enjoy watching my inner flowers grow and grow and grow patiently until it’s their right time to bloom…then just be thankful.

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Live your Presenta few good posts from

1. What is my PRESENT?

2. Why should I meditate everyday? 

3. the Yogi utility belt