Friday Affirmations: I AM


I am good enough.

I am lovable.

I am capable.

I am honest with myself.

I am genuine with others.

I am able to perceive the best life possible.

I am able to enjoy endless love, health, and wealth.

I am constantly fulfilled.

I am rich beyond my wildest imagination.

I am cared for.

I am well taken care of.

I am well nourished.

I am well-loved, valued, and accepted.

I am accepting of others.

I am able to perceive the best in others.

I am able to perceive the best in the world.

I am filled with Inner Peace and Tranquility.

I am filled with good friendships.

I am able to nourish and maintain great relationships.

I am successful.

I am inspired.

I am walking in the Divine Path of Life.

I am congruent with the magic of Life.

I am free to be Me.

I am Me.


Practice daily affirmations.

Give Yourself Permission

Most people love Fridays because it brings them one step closer to what they truly want to be doing, some people do what they love to be doing every day, others take the chance to escape whatever way they can. 

What do you love? What do you truly enjoy doing?

I give you permission to do that—now, you have to give yourself authority.

Some of up grow up looking up to our parents for approval, some of us forget to drop that bad habit even when we become adults.

Permission is granted when you do something right, physical reprimands may be given when you are bad, and some of us got the wonderful opportunity to get talked to/at—so we learned how to communicate nicely or negatively from our caregivers. We learned how to talk to ourselves; good or bad. 

How do you talk to your Other? How do you deal with all the different unified voices inside of your head—they all seem to form your thinking.

What of your thoughts—where do they come from? Where have you learned how to think like that?

Remember when there were no voices screaming for attention inside of your head? How does it feel to have harmonious silence? How do we deal with all the talk—can we stop the thinking as the Others?

Who is talking inside your head?

What is making you utter the things you say?

Remember when there was silence? 

There was only observation. 

There was nothing but the notion that you were being taken care-of, and life was a-OKAY!

Life is still fine; in fact, it’s beautiful. 

Life gives us everything we need and want (we continuously speak and think what we need or want into existence).

So be aware of your thoughts, become friends with your thinking; only utter that which you want. Take care not to waste your Energy on anything you don’t want to bring into existence (don’t waste your Energy manifesting shitty things).

Dream big, let your imagination fly; then focus on what fills you.

Give your Energy to Life; be in-harmony with existing.

Follow your heart; I give you permission.

Now give yourself authority; let your Soul be happy.

Enjoy the joy that’s in your life.

Enjoy the life that you’ve been given; never settle for less—a tree may grow as big as it can, it don’t need permission. So grow tall; you child made up of trees and stars. Grow big and strong, reach your highest potential.  

recipe for good day:

2 cups of hot water.

3 glasses of water at room temp.

at least 5 vital foods (fruits, nuts, beans, legumes, and vegetables).

30 minutes (no-mind) meditation.

sprinkle in some reading.

5 minutes of prayer (sub. conscious intention/intentional thinking).

5 minutes of free-writing (sub. talk to yourself out-loud).

include body movement.

music to taste.

add a bunch of courage.

spend time with nature.

name the things you’re grateful for.

enjoy quality time with others.

say hi to a stranger.

be thankful, gracious, and full of wonder.

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Appreciate the world around (the world we continuously co-create) and if you don’t like something about it stop complaining and do something about it. Always be kind with yourself, plants, animals, and others; have fun, be light-hearted, and enjoy your PRESENT.

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. _________________________
  2. _________________________
  3. _________________________
  4. _________________________
  5. _________________________
  6. _________________________
  7. _________________________

Enjoy life a little bit more than yesterday.

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