deydreaming daily: THURSDAY reminder

Hello new Thursday!

Hear that? the silence; the rhythm of your heartbeat; the ebb and flow of your breath…

no brain noise here;

no mind gremlins;

not an ounce of monkey chatter, mitotes, head static, or incessant inner-talk.

We are focused on ONE thing.

One thought.

One mantra.


THIS space.

Grow into it.


Positive Affirmations for being loved

I am loved.

I am appreciated.

I am desired.

I am wanted.

I am cared for.

I am valued.

I am respected.

I am cherished.

I am treasured.

I am well-admired.

I am commended.

I am without a need of recognition, yet grateful for the appreciation.

I appreciate compliments, yet do not need them to maintain my foundation.

I have self-love.

I have self-appreciation.

I have self-recognition.

I am aware that—what I think about myself—I may mirror out to others.

I am content with what I think about myself.

I am self-kind.

I am self-cherished.

I am valued.

I value myself.

I value my process.

I realize it takes time and mistakes to learn.

I realize I can learn.

I know I can get better.

I know I can do more (yet I have patience).

I am not in a rush to die, and I embrace all of living.

Life is just a reflection of my thoughts, so I am gently aware of my feelings.

When I feel pain, I refocus my conception.

I do not give birth to bad ideas; I reframe my imagination.

I am in-line with All That Is.

God is my foundation.

I was created for a reason; I give thanks to my Creator.

Thanks for making me the way I am.

Thank you for helping me manage my behavior.

My thoughts and feeling are in Harmony; I am in-line with Divine Creation.

I give thanks that I am aware.

I am thankful for my Imagination.

I co-create a life worth living.

I love my life, and I am grateful.

I have self-love.

I love myself.

I am appreciated.

I am cared for.

I am loved.


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Enjoy life a little bit more than yesterday.

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