Good Wolf, Bad Wolf

Ultimately you have control over what you continue to think.

Once you become aware of your thoughts, what do you chose to feed?

All of those negative thoughts, the ones that make you feel yuck.
Those are the ones you’re trying to feed?

But why?

Once you become aware of your negative thoughts why do you continue to feed them.
Do you WANT them to get bigger?
Why are you giving them all the power?

You are what you continue to think.

Nobody is forcing you to continue to think that —you’re doing it all by yourself.

Once you perceive the negative though you have the power to change it.

Don’t spread those thoughts onto other people… don’t be like, here, hear this 💩, let me just smear it all over your being.

Sure, we can “vent” to friends; it’s super helpful to talk things out. BUT. When does venting become your go-to conversation?

When does “venting” become the only thing you talk about.

Are you even aware of what you’re talking about?

Do you know what you are perpetuating in your world…

You are what you speak.

The worst is when you speak ill of others… don’t you know that you have the power to form the perception of others?

If you talk 💩 about one person, and you “hate” that person and you spread all of your hate (in forms of words) upon everyone else… what do you think that will do? And, most importantly how does that affect you.

We are constantly creating our world around us.

Why then spread so much 💩.

Do you ever plan to clean it up?

You are what you speak. Clean your Self.
Your thoughts continuously form your being, and your world.

What are you continuously thinking?

Do you choose to feed it? If so, why?


2 thoughts on “Good Wolf, Bad Wolf

  1. Cristian Mihai January 5, 2018 / 08:18

    Fantastic post. We should tend to our thoughts, because they tend to become our actions. What we think, we become.


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