What do you think?

Thinking for oneself… gross🤢

I’d rather do what my mom tells me, or my dad, or my sibling, or my friends, or my coworkers, or the media, or random people that I meet on the streets or on the internet…

THEY have all the answers!

How dare I even begin to believe that I have any of the answers for myself, for my own life?

Naw, that would be taking to much action and responsibility towards my life.

It’s easier to NOT think for oneself.
Because it’s too easy to be wrong and because ultimate I guess I just don’t trust myself enough —but I’ll blindly trust other people💗

Because other people KNOW BETTER than I do. They are outsiders so they can see more clearly how I should best live my life.

I value other people’s opinions way more. And I will completely and utterly do whatever they suggest that I do because of course they must have the best intentions for me in their opinions and suggestions!

Other people want me to succeed in life, they want to see me THRIVE, so I ask for THEIR advice and I do what THEY say and my life is better —just like THAT🙌

I KNOW it’s better because I’m doing what everyone else is doing.

— THAT my friend is the true way towards happiness 🙂

Always do what others are doing, and what others tell you to do.

Don’t waste your time learning to trust yourself and heart. That takes waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
too much time and effort😭😣😑

I trust my mom, she knows best. Or my dad. Or my siblings. Or my friends. Or coworkers. 💩 even strangers in the internet have better answers!!!!


F all that work! Easy street alllllllllll the way 😉


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