what are you perceiving?

I judge myself all the time.
Therefore, I judge others all the time.
I judge based on my perception of the world. I use my prior knowledge knowing full well that EVERY situation is a new situation.

Sometimes it work out, sometimes it’s NOT the best way to perceive a new moment.

When I make connections with difficult situations with hurtful memories from the past I only end up hurting the moment (you know that silly little thing that connects us with existence…kinda like the only thing that truly matters)

Perception matters.

My perception of others rises —or limits— mine and others possibilities.

And my perception of others largely depends on myself; everyone is a mirror.

What kind of World am I nurturing? What kind of Self?

My Self is not my parents, my Self is not my family or friends, my Self is not the media or what culture tell us to do. My truest Self is that little four year old.

Remember your inner child.

When we are young we are the most true.

Then we slooooowwwly get molded to fit right into our parents molds, family molds, friend’s molds, media molds, culture…

We don’t have to lose our truest Self —we’d be much happier if we didn’t.

We’d be much happier if we just enjoyed the moment.
Embraced it like a good ol wave🌊

Can we and will we allow ourselves to, just, be?


One thought on “what are you perceiving?

  1. Cristian Mihai January 4, 2018 / 10:42

    Beautiful post. And so, so true. We need self-awareness so we know what we’re doing, who we are, who we want to become. So we don’t feel trapped by false expectations or other people’s opinions.


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