Glass Ceiling

Is anybody else ever like, “woah I’m so happy & things are going great… hmm, maybe that’s enough happiness & things going great for me —maybe it’s time to bring my happiness DOWN a little bit, or a lot…” 🤔

Does anybody else have a “glass ceiling” …does anybody else have times when things are going great then suddenly you get sick; or things are going great then suddenly you get a parking ticket; or things are going great but then you get in an argument with someone..

Is it possibly to just accept things and not get bothered, or “brought down” by random details.

Is it possible to live harmoniously (in peace) within your being… forever, always, for the rest of life🤔

Can I accept all the goodness? Can I embrace Harmony and all of the beauty that is all around me. Can I accept this miracle that we call life?

Thunderstorms are not any less beautiful than clear, sunny-blue days with big, white puffy clouds in the sky. I’ve heard people complain about both.

So how can we ADMIRE and RESPECT both… and for how long???

Can the rest of my life be ever increasingly beautiful, or will I continue to bring myself down, to find reasons to hide, to complain…to NOT live life to the fullest.

Is feeling Full Pain any better than being fully happy, content with this existence —with this world I am continuously helping to create.

I’ve met so many people, and so many seeds were planted in me… and I know I’ve planted seeds in others as well. But what, WHAT will grow out of all of this and that🤔

Is a lush garden possible? And for how long….




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