Glass Ceiling

i like beautiful things. i like quality.

i get scared sometimes.
…a great idea crosses my path.

it. is. amazing.

it’s astonishing. it’s gunna save the world.
then i judge myself.
i deliberately kill my brain child.

but what is on the OTHER side?

what if i didn’t judge myself? what if I just let my idea live?

what if… what if I were to breath-in life to my idea then breath-out out judgement.

i don’t know everything, i really don’t know much at all…really.

i just feel gross and dirty with all the piles and upon piles of dead ideas inside of me…

i don’t wanna be the place where ideas go to die.
i’m just so scared…but, really, i have no idea what I’m even scared of?!
is it failure? no. no no. no… with each idea that i put into action. with each idea that i manifest a huge weight feels like it is being expunged out of me.

it. feels. good.

so. then it IS success!
why. why. why? won’t i let myself feel so good?



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