long-term stress: HOW LONG CAN HUMANS STAND IT?

What happens when we are continuously exposed to long-term stress? At the same time, do the things that happen need to be deemed stressful? What if, we can learn from every situation we are exposed to—without letting it stress us out? What if, we take time to grow and reframe?

What if, during that time, we focus on growth—without becoming addicted to the stressful situation; without beginning to assimilate the stressful behavior.

How do we successfully transcend stressful situations?

It takes effort. It takes lots and lots of attempts and failed tries. Sometimes it literally takes physically removing yourself from the situation. If you’re not ready to remove yourself from the situation, become an observer; just watch the situation, and if too many complaints come out of your mouth; if the negativeness takes over your vocabulary, completely remove yourself from that environment—if you don’t, you are at risk of internalizing your complaints, and they may become part of your own behavior.

One must be mindful when judging others for one could turn into them.

Every situation is defined by the beholder, so we must be vigilant in becoming active participants in whatever we are defining. If we never allow ourselves to dwell in chronic stressful situations, if we don’t label most things “bad,” then we can maintain lower stress levels (we can create a more beautiful life). All we have to do is get Creative.

So…what kind of creative things are you making with the lemons life is throwing out?

How are you refocusing your energy into something more valuable—instead of wasting precious mental energy on thinking about stressful factors?

How are you exercising your creative muscles to become more resilient and successful in life?

How are you creating more harmonious balance?

Coming up with all of the answers sometimes takes time. Growth takes time, and it is usually uncomfortable (sometimes overwhelmingly). Evolving out of stress-focused-thinking isn’t usually done over-night, it usually takes lots of practice and redundant repetition.

But: it can be done; by refocusing attention, and rethinking more nourishing things, one can transcend overly stressful mental scenarios. It’s time to get Creative.

what can time spent fearing something be better used for

Hello Thursday!

I hear it: the silence; the rhythm of my heartbeat; the ebb and flow of my breath.

There is no brain noise here…

there are no mind gremlins,

there is not an ounce of monkey chatter, mitotes, head static, or incessant inner-talk.

I am focused on ONE thing.

One thought.

One mantra.


THIS space.


I breath in and grow.


recipe for good day:

2 cups of hot water.

3 glasses of water at room temp.

at least 5 vital foods (fruits, nuts, beans, legumes, and vegetables).

30 minutes (no-mind) meditation.

sprinkle in some reading.

5 minutes of prayer (sub. conscious intention/intentional thinking).

5 minutes of free-writing (sub. talk to yourself out-loud).

include body movement.

music to taste.

add a bunch of courage.

spend time with nature.

name the things you’re grateful for.

enjoy quality time with others.

say hi to a stranger.

be thankful, gracious, and full of wonder.

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Appreciate the world around (the world we continuously co-create) and if you don’t like something about it stop complaining and do something about it. Always be kind with yourself, plants, animals, and others; have fun, be light-hearted, and enjoy your PRESENT.

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. _________________________
  2. _________________________
  3. _________________________
  4. _________________________
  5. _________________________
  6. _________________________
  7. _________________________
#enjoyYourPRESENT 7daysPRESENT.com

Enjoy life a little bit more than yesterday.

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