Monday Motivation: life-roadmap

I hope that one day I get to fulfill all of my visions…it’s hard to maintain the courage sometimes, it’s hard to keep going at times, it’s easy to get lost frequently.

There are times when I don’t know what I’m doing, lets face it, that’s mostly all of the time—but who among us really knows WTF is really going on. We get lost in petty problems while floating on some kind of sphere somewhere in outer space (it’s incredible). The chances that we are even alive are so slim yet what have we created with this magnificent possibility?

The internet is pretty cool…

That happened in my lifetime. I am grateful that I am here to experience all of this cyber space. I live in a time when, thanks to this cyber space, I also get to explore my mental and physical space. The world is vast out there, so many different frames of minds and cultures…the world is vast inside too.

Because of my opportunity to pursue outer exploration I started exploring my insides too. It’s incredible how much a human can achieve when she’s brought outside of her mold. People’s expectations of you can either lift you up to your highest potential, or bring you way down. I didn’t say this, some scientisty guy, Carl Young, did. I’ve been trying to find that YouTube video interview of him that impregnated my young mind with that idea ever since I first saw it somewhere, about ten years ago. And, it’s also taken me that long to fully understand it. The obvious was true—possibly—right away; people do have an affect on you. The inverse is less easy to digest; you have an affect on people. 

Our expectations of someone will either lift them up or bring them way down.

Our own inner expectations of ourselves can do the same. If you’re lucky, or diligent enough, your self-talk is positive, uplifting, nurturing. If you were brought up by nagging parents, there’s a possibility you excessively nag yourself too. If your early nurturers berated you, made you feel less than, you could be continuing their early work in your current programing.

When was the last time that you defragmented yourself?

If you’ve ever owned a PC, you might have had to defragment it at some point. Files eventually became stored everywhere so defragmenting organized things and speed the computer up—the PC worked more effectively after the defragmenting period (which could take as much as three to five hours). That’s what writing and meditation does for the human brain, but defragmenting a human brain is a much longer process. So, throughout that time, a life-roadmap helps.

It is unclear how long it takes to defragment a human brain, everyone is different. The only advice that I can offer is to get a road-map. A life-roadmap will help you determine what to get back to when you get lost. This life-roadmap is a clear description of what you want, with full visuals of what you yearn for—because, if we are not working towards our goals then what is the point of living? If the ideas that manifest inside of our hearts and brain need to be born then does it make more sense to put our energy towards those ideas instead of…what people think of me…or who I am keeping satisfied…or who I could possibly upset.

The truth is, not everyone is going to like me, I cannot make anyone satisfied, people get upset over anything. Humans are finicky. Sometimes I am totally fine during traffic, other times I am tired, vulnerable, or hungry.

Those times when I am not feeling my best, a life-roadmap helps. I can see the things that I’ve determined to be important to me. I can practice redirecting my energy towards those things. Our energy may possibly not be completely infinite, I’ve heard rumors about humans getting old, tired and even dying…if I am one of those humans I’d like to spend my energy on the stuff that truly matters. I’d love to have continuous inner harmony—and that only happens when I follow my heart, when I do things because the urge to do them is born intrinsically, when I followthrough on being my own best friend and partner.

In order to achieve all of this a life-roadmap helps.

Would you like to have your own life-roadmap to help guide you when you are lost? I’ve laid it out in seven easy steps so you can make your own.

How to build your own life-roadmap:
  1. take a couple weeks to gather up a bunch of things that you really like; you can find words and images that attract you in magazines, online, junk-mail, postcards, etc. and put everything in a box for safe-keeping.
  2. write out, or print-out any words or things that you did not find but still want to add.
  3. get glue and a large picture frame (I got a 20″X30″ at a nearby, eco-friendly store).
  4. take out the glass and directly on the back of the frame layout your words and images in a way that is most visually appealing to you.
  5. carefully glue your words and images then let it dry overnight.
  6. put the glass back on the frame once your life-roadmap is done drying.
  7. hang it your life-roadmap somewhere you will consistently see it.

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