Monday Motivation: stuck on good

Sometimes you get stuck on a though or an idea; don’t mean to sound cliche, but, it’s true, we get stuck on thoughts all of the time. Still, in order to give us room to grow, I say ‘sometimes’. Because, sometimes, it’s okay to get stuck on an idea if it’s befitting to our daily lives. If it serves the entirety our Life for the better then it’s serving a good purpose.

What are some good ideas I can get stuck on?

What kind of thoughts serve our Life for the better?

What’s a good thought to get stuck on?

What kind of thinking will help us out right now?

What useful things can I think?

What are some good things for me to think about me right now?

What kind of thoughts about myself will make me a most useful/purposeful human being?

How can I be the most useful/purposeful human being?

How can we use our thinking energy for the better?

What is better?

What feels good?

No harm; to ourselves, each-other, stuff, animals, even plants.

What goes around comes around. What we do onto others we do to ourselves. The Law of Karma, the Law of Action.

But how can we treat others well when we don’t treat ourselves good? Self-care starts with getting stuck on good thoughts. When the Self in self-nourished its fruits nourish others. When the Self is selfish, not taking time for self-care in order to make money, please others, whatever it may be—its blooms don’t fruit—there’s barely enough juice left to share with others.

What fills you up? Do more of that. 

May this message inspire you to be your best You, and live your best life.

Have a great day. Enjoy your PRESENT.

Today is a new Monday. It’s the start of a new week —what wonderful possibilities are awaiting me?

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