Monday Motivation: get out of your own way

I’m one of those people that like to get in my own way, a lot…but it’s technically not my fault. I say technically because now that I am aware of how I was softwired I should do something about it. Well, there’s a couple of problems…for one, is never a good a idea. Doing anything because “you should” takes the juice out of the apple of life. What if things really do happen for a reason and this was put into my wiring for a purpose.

Which bring us to the second point, allowing things to happen.

how to embrace tremulous times and inner weather?

Learn from the animals, they just let go.

I don’t know where I am going there is no roadmap to get to where I am going, my life is my own journey, yet it is not—it is shared with many people. How do I fit into my community? What is It that I bring? Why do I contribute?

If there’s a chance that I may leave the world way better than I found it, I want to try that. I want to go for that. I want to embrace and experience that. I do love and enjoy the life We have here on this day, in this Time, here on plane, our home, Earth.

Where will we go next, I do not know. All I know is that you can’t live on promises. It’s either TODAY, somewhat, at least a little because it’s never really ever tomorrow…when tomorrow gets here we find another excuse, or we forget to acknowledge the little effort we put forth.

Everything likes to be appreciated.

Even a little efforts needs to be appreciated, so that it can be built upon. For the millionth an one time: a baby doesn’t learn to walk overnight; whether or not they craw first there’s a bunch of trial and error in between (for every new thing a little human starts doing). We have tons of compassion for babies when they begin to try something —and fail a bunch of times. We forget that the Initial Learner is always with us. However we treat our inner baby it will respond.

humans are finicky beings.

can the inner harmony line ever be consistently walked? Can we have compassion towards our many Selfs in every stage of our process? What does that look like?

What does Self compassion look like?

Self-acceptance —and many people forget to accept the ideas that their Spirit chooses, so— accepting all of the wonderful possibilities in life is a key-aspect of self-acceptance.

How does one embrace new and wonderful possibilities?

one just does. It’s a choice.

But isn’t that easier said than done?

Everything is easier said than done, so begin with the words you choose to say. Tape your mouth shut if you have to; do it for whole week and listen to the words that want to come out of your head—do you really have to say them all? Specially the negative stuff…do you really need to say. Or do you just revert to that, but for why? Because, lack of imagination in the spur of the moment perhaps…so then practicing with Your Self throughout the day, “hey Me, how is You doing? How’s your day?” could be beneficial to helping You overcome the negative talk pattern you may or may not continuously regress to.

Just a thought, an idea, a tip for how to get out of your own way.
Remember to nurture the things that you appreciate, 
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that will find this valuable!

Have a great day—enjoy your PRESENT. Monday is a new day. The start of a new week —what wonderful possibilities are awaiting?

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