chapter 3: how covid-19 can help you live in the NOW

There is no big prize at the end so enjoy every moment treasure your present

If the world ends tomorrow, or let’s not go that far, if this virus severely changes things, what are you grateful for about the past? What do you appreciate that you got to accomplish, thus far, in your life?? What do you appreciate about all of your experiences? And what will you miss?

Is there anything you’ve taken for granted?

Irregardless, now is the time to be Thankful. Amidst Uncertainty and Chaos, now is the time to feel at ease. Amidst Doubt, Fear, and Pain, now is the time to be Brave. Amidst the world collapsing, now is the time to be Grateful. If you’re reading this, chances are, you are very healthy. If you’re ready this, chances are—whether you know it or not—in one way or another, you’ve been preparing for this. If you’re reading this, chances are, you are still OK, perhaps more than okay. And that is all just great. You deserve to be Healthy and Thankful. You deserve to feel Joy and Happiness, even amidst Uncertainty and Death. Death is but a part of Life. Thanks to Death we get to determine what it is that we are grateful for.

What are you grateful for?

Everything? All that you’ve been through? All that you’ve done? All that you’ve faced? All that you’ve been? All of it has been leading you up to this. This perfect moment, you have Life, you have Breath, You Exist. And you have wi-fi… I mean, what else is there? Joking aside, isn’t just incredible how even amidst isolation, how connected we all are? The whole world is going through the same thing. Sure, some people are struggling, but do they really need to be? Are they focusing on, and fearing, an uncertain future? Are they focusing on, and fearing, Sickness, Suffering, and Pain? But why?

We get what we focus on.

Focus on cooking, you get a meal. Focus on walking, you get to point B, or C, or D. Focus on working, you get work done. The rest falls away, it becomes background noise, and the world keeps on turning. Will you experiences the next Sunrise? Will you appreciate the Sun, Snow, and Rain? Will you focus on the Beautiful little things, instead of all the mega Suffering and Pain. What do you choose to shine your spotlight on? What do you choose to give your attention? What do you choose to participate in? What do you choose to prolong? What will you take from all of this? Will you embrace your new tomorrow? Will you truly be Grateful for the Life you’ve chosen?

If there’s anything you need to improve on, now is the time to step forward. During this isolation period, build up to where you want to be. Build up your foundation of Gratitude. Find the why for your existence. And be Grateful for what you have TODAY.

Have an Amazing day.

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Thank you for reading. All the best and Namasté

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