FLASHBACK Friday: Virus Motivation: flatten the negativity curve

what can time spent fearing something be better used for
I cried so much last night. It’s not easy being strong. On a normal day, I’m battling people’s negative comments left and right. Sorry for the cliche, but it’s true, so many people complain. So many people live in Fear and Doubt. So many people dwell on Anxiety and Bitching about trivial bullshit. On a normal day, I would have censored the profanity, but let’s face it, there is nothing normal about today.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been living in some sort of twilight world, filled with so much uncertainty, lots of people are Fear mongering.

Humans are dying! HUMANS ARE DYING!!!

News flash: people die everyday. Humans are mortal, they are not meant to live forever. Why do we want to live for longer? Why do we want to prolong Pain and Suffering?

It would be different if we were the type of Humans that really knew how to Thrive. No, that still doesn’t mean live forever. Thriving means, truly living. Whether we live thirty, fifty, seventy, a hundred, or a hundred and twenty years if we are complaining about every little thing, not enough money, unhappiness with a job, that thing that one person did to us way back when, the line at the grocery store, that outfit, spouse, teacher, friend, relative, clerk at the gas stations, the gas station, how it’s too hot out, or fucking cold, or damn it’s rainy, again…if we are bitching at every turn, then we are not truly living.

But it’s easy to bitch and moan. It’s not easy to look at the bright side. It’s not easy finding the silver lining. It’s not easy to live in a world that doesn’t appreciate its own existence.

It is a miracle that human-beings even exist!

But people forget. They bitch and moan at every turn yet, for some reason, wanna keep on living. They wanna have long lives and live to be really old, but why? Old people complain about being old. They complain about this and all that that comes along with aging, when it’s a miracle that they even made it past a certain age. It’s a miracle they still have Life! But why live a life you’re just gunna bitch about?

….man, I ain’t got no money to do all the things I wanna do. Man, my leg hurts. Man, I’m tired. Man, that music is too loud. Man, that traffic is too much. Uh…like, wut in the googly fak? First off, wow, you have a car, that’s a blessing. Period. Not only that but wow, a car, a miraculous machine that can get you from point A to point B quickly, even with traffic—it’s a faking miracle! The result of human ingenuity. The clear evidence that when we put our minds right, we can accomplish great things. All we have to do is focus.

Have you realized that you get everything you focus on?

Focus on pain = more pain.

Focus on stress = more stress.

Focus on problems = more problems.

Our attention spans have limited capacities, while we are focusing on Lack and Fear, the Bright Side gets dimmed. While we are focusing on Stress and Doubt, guess what we are growing? You got it! Nurturing Stress and Doubt makes those little fuckers grow fast in the garden of your Soul. And those little shits are like weeds, they grow uncontrollably if you don’t proactively, and consistently put a STOP to it.

What are you stopping in your life now?

When you focus on Sickness, you stop Health. When you focus on Uncertainty, you stop Faith. When you Doubt, you stop your Inner Peace.

What do you wanna GROW?

Do me a favor, take out a pen and paper. Got it? Okay, with that pen on that paper, write down the top FIVE things you wanna grow in your life right now. Done? Okay. Take that paper and stick it on your forehead. I am almost not kidding, it takes so much consistent effort to shine the light on the things that you actually wanna nurture, there are so many distractions everywhere, if we are not vigilant about nurturing our Inner Peace garden, shit. gets. trampled.

I am vigilant in maintaining my Inner Peace and Harmony amidst the chaos.

I am vigilant in maintaining my Tranquility. Stress brings sickness, Google it. Bing it. Duck Duck Go-ose it. Don’t take my word for it, research it now, truly learn this, and be vigilant in maintaining your own Inner Peace and Harmony. Flatten the faking negativity curve.

It’s the only way to Thrive.

NOW is the time to nurture the things that you appreciate, LIKE and SHARE this with everyone you know. Let’s nurture a Thriving world.

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Thank you.

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