chapter 2: is it the end of the world?

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Things are gonna get far worse before they get better. I don’t like it when people say that, but in Western society, it’s true. We’ve been so “comfortable” in our own existence, we don’t share the same struggles as the rest of the world.

We have Hollywood.

And that’s how we lead our daily lives, by mimicking the things we see on the screen. Oh, those Kardashians sure look successful, I want everything they have: that ass, those shoes, that drama. So then we lead our lives trying to do what the images that we glorify on the screen are doing. Tell me that’s not true. Tell me you are your own person, and master of your sail-ship. Tell me that you create you own life based on your own set of values and beliefs. Tell me what those are. What do you value? What do you truly believe in?

When you are constantly doing something, whether or not you know it, you value it because you are constantly doing it. You may say that you don’t like working at your job, and that may be true, but something is keeping you there—could it be the value you place on complaining?

It’s not your fault.

Truly, at this point, it’s no one’s fault. We’ve just been stuck on the carousel, turning and turning, thinking that this is how to ride the ride. Why? Because, Hollywood. That’s why. As children we don’t only learn from our parents, teachers, or the people that we meet. Our notions get developed by the things that we see, by everything we are exposed to. That includes the shows on TV. Now there’s YouTube, and Netflix, HBO Go, and Apple TV. Are these Home-sapien education providers providing adequate lessons? Why haven’t they taken more responsibility over the world they are creating? Have they realized how they are influencing our world?

How are they influencing our world?

That’s a question for you to determine based on what you watch. When my brother was little, after watching a film, he would get what my family deemed, movie-syndrome. This would make him jump around, kicking and punching into the air, mimicking his favorite movie hero, Jackie Chan. But real action figures aren’t the only thing that gets etched into our subconscious. I am sure that there were many other things that my bother saw on the screen that affected the way he behaved towards us, as there were many things that I was exposed to that affected me personality-wise.

I drew certain values from television, certain beliefs stuck with me. Some of them, were not good. For example, the unquestionable pressure that I placed on men based on all the chick flicks I watched, especially as a teen, led me to many hardships in my young adult relationships. But that is not the only thing that I learned from the media, subsequently I learned that my life needed more drama in order for it to be interesting.

Drama does not allow us to be fully invested in the little things.

The little things are what actually accumulate to truly make life worthwhile. For example, the sip of a hot cup of tea on a cold rainy morning. The dew on the trees glistening throughout the bare branches. The feel on my own hair between my fingers. The warmth and comfort found inside my apartment. A walk around my neighborhood. Petting my cat. A smile from a good friend…these are the things that build up my daily existence, none of it is superfluous or drama filled. All of it is the essence of real life.

But the media tells us otherwise.

That is why it often takes drastic measure for Homo-sapiens to learn. So now, faced on the brink of possible extinction, what are you facing to learn? Will your life still be based on drama after this, or will you learn and make things better? What is better? Could it be a greater collaboration with Nature? Could it be real respect towards Life and each-other? Could it be Inner Peace and Harmony?

Now is the time to ponder and make arrangements. Now is the time to set ourselves up for the brighter future we’ve all been craving. Let’s be honest many of us in Western society haven’t been satisfied, our void hasn’t been getting filled, we haven’t truly been working together, we’ve haven’t truly been respecting Nature, we’ve been lost in Hollywood beliefs, drama-filled stories that are meant to fill seats. But Life is not a movie theater, it is so much more, it’s better than VR—do you see this? Do you appreciate this? Are you grateful to be alive? Amidst uncertainty the only thing you can control is the focus of your thoughts; focus on the drama, get more drama. Is that what you truly want?

May this and everyday for you be filled with blessings of the real kind. May your heart and tummy feel content. May your Soul keep you warm.

May Inner Peace and Tranquility follow your home.

Let’s nurture a thriving world. Share this message with your community. 

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Thank you for reading. All the best and Namasté

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3 thoughts on “chapter 2: is it the end of the world?

  1. haroeuniceyahoocom March 25, 2020 / 21:13

    I love this!!!!


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