Monday Motivation: the journey’s not over

It’s been a loooooooooong journey & it’s not over yet.

Even when I reach the mountain-top it won’t me over, my job then will be to enjoy the view. To completely take it in. To relax after the climb. Then to pack up —with have a new sense of accomplishment— and climb down the mountain enjoying myself with each and every step.

It’s been a year and three months since I wrote “Why am I Doing This/what am I Doing?” After babbling on and on for quite a long article I concluded that I was doing this (this blog, deydreaming) to figure out what I’m doing.In the last year and three month, sooooooooo much has happened. A lot of things have been brought to surface. Yet, I feel like I barely scratched it…. okay, okay, I may have found something. I may have cracked a good one. Still. The fear is there. And she’s morphed into something bigger. A good friend of mine called it my Koopa. For those of us that grew up playing Mario Bros we beat many a Koopa. We even beat our share of King Koopa, or Bowsers.So. I’m heading straight on, continuing to move forward with my goal(s).As far as this website, many things have been updated. Though it still remains a free blog —meaning, WordPress may place some ads here and there sometimes (sorry for that). On my end, the daily reminder has been shortened.

Hear that? the silence. the rhythm of your heartbeat, the ebb and flow of your breath…

No brain noise here, no mind gremlins, not an ounce of monkey chatter, mitotes, head static, or incessant inner-talk…we are focused on ONE thing.

One thought.

One mantra.


THIS space.

Grow into it.

The daily cloud thoughts have also been updated, but the new versions will take some time to cycle through. A daily reminder to practice Sign Language has been added. As well as a link to 7daysPresent (a site that helps you reset, refresh and reclaim you Present) and a link to my online store.

I’ve always thought children should be respected so I finally made a hoodie to wear & show my support for “Children’s Rights”.

The process ended up being pretty simply, but this whole time my inner fears and demons were holding me back from even starting this particular project. My monkey chatter hasn’t completely settled but I’m choosing to feed the wolf that nourishes me, not the one that starves me. It’s not the easiest battle, but I guess that’s just one more reason for this website. I think most of the things that are posted here are good reminders. I for one can stand to listen to more good things on the daily. Speaking of good things, here’s a revealing article that is helping me bust some of these Koopa that I keep facing.

I cannot go into it with more detail but Timelining is helping me beat some of these Koopas. A handful of people have mentioned something of the sort throughout this whole year, in a way the Universe, God, was trying to get me to do this. Well, a version of this. And, I finally did it.

Now I have to share with everyone.

Timelining: visualizing experience

The article I mean. This 👇is as much as I’ll share on my Timelining exercise. For now.

May your journey be progressing harmoniously. And if it’s not may you be enjoying the wind and rain on your sails.

Many Blessings.



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