chapter 14—What did you label your CoronaVirus experience?


It’s Thursday. April 9, 2020.

Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for sharing another lovely day with me. Thank you for being PRESENT amidst the chaos.

Thank you for choosing to see the goodness Coronavirus has brought in our world.

While you become aware that Life is fragile, it’s so important to refocus your attention to all of the wonderful things Life has to offer. 

If it gets hard to remember, there are mindfulness tools you can use to refocus your streaming thought-patterns [and we definitely recommend checking out 7daysPRESENT]. For now…

Here are a few “how-to be mindful” tricks:

Whenever Life brings you less than “enjoyable” things, whenever you CATCH your Self stuck on a though, feeling, or overall BAD idea that’s NOT making you FEEL GOOD, It’s up to YOU to STOP. Take a breath, and have a chat with yourself.

Break the negative Inner Narrative that CoronaVirus may be creating.

Ask yourself some basic questions:

WHO are you right now?
WHAT is truly going on at this moment?
WHERE are you physically?

WHEN are you mentally?
WHY are you there?
HOW can you refocus you attention on the Present moment?

Pick apart the unhelpful narrative going on inside your head. Defragment the story, then pick up the pieces that you actually WANT to keep.

What do you really want to give your energy to amidst Covid-19?

Don’t you want to nourish your Self and grow? You have to give your Energy to THAT.  All that makes you grow.

Refocusing attention is what it takes to THRIVE.

You each have a gorgeous garden growing inside of you, use your 5-senses to tend to your garden after a rough rainfall; i.e. a rush of bad news. Observe with your FIVE SENSE, then determine, what is real?

After a mega wind-storm; i.e. extreme feelings of Lack. Observe with your FIVE SENSE: what is REAL?

It’s Never Lack, you are never really lacking anything—everything you truly need is always within your reach.

You just need to tend to your mental-garden: refocus on your truest SELF.

Your truest Self is not the one experiencing the Fear, Doubt, and Lack. Your truest Self has everything You need within you already. No fear. No doubt. No lack.

So THANK YOUR Self, for allllllll that you already have. Your Higher Self does so much that your Human Mind/Body/Ego take for granted.

So take the time to really appreciate your Self, especially now, amidst CoronaVirus. 

Start small, build big.

Let’s nurture a thriving world. Share this message with your community.

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Thank you for reading. All the best and Namasté

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3 thoughts on “chapter 14—What did you label your CoronaVirus experience?

  1. haroeuniceyahoocom April 9, 2020 / 21:56

    I am thankful for-
    Fulfilling work
    Getting paid for my hobby
    Coffee in the morning

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