chapter 13—a tip for GETTING OUT of YOUR OWN WAY amidst Covid-19

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It’s Wednesday. April 8, 2020.

I used to be one of those people. I used to get in my own way—a lot. But, like, how it’s not really their fault, it wasn’t technically my fault either. I say technically because, once I became aware of how I was soft-wired, I didn’t immediately do something about it.

I thought it was beyond my power, and maybe it was. I had to do a lot of releasing and a lot of reconnecting with Creation. I got to do a lot of work with All-That-Is to get me past the point of complacency and into adaptation. Into evolution. Into thriving.

We are far past just surviving, see it now; our world is SHIFTING.

Because of coronavirus, all of us are caught up in uncertainty, so we are forced to allow things to just happen.

Covid-19 is teaching us to allow THRIVING. 

We are able to embrace tremulous times and inner weather by just letting go and allowing things to happen in our world. Because truly, we were never really in control—at least, not of the world around us. But we’ve always had agency over what we choose to give power to inside of our own heads. This pandemic time is helping us learn that. We can learn from many things during this coronavirus; including learn to learn from our closest ancestors: animals.

Learn from the animals; they just let go.

I don’t know where we are going, there is no roadmap to get to where is next. Our lives are our own journey, yet we still share it with others.

What do we each bring to each of our own communities? How do we contribute?

If there’s a chance that we may leave the world way better than we found it, let’s try that. Let’s go for that. Let’s embrace and experience that. Love and enjoy the life we have here on this day, in this Time, on this planet; our home: Earth.

Where do we go next? It’s time to embrace it, TODAY. We never really know about tomorrow.

Appreciate everything.

Every little effort needs to be appreciated. It’s how the biggest buildings start, with the small things, with preparation, and foundation. Even babies don’t learn how-to walk overnight; whether or not they craw first, there’s always a bunch of trial and error in between. And this happens throughout life; the Initial Learner inside of us is always a baby. For every new thing a human starts doing let’s show it the compassion we give to babies when they begin to try something new. Let them fail a bunch of times, and see it as growth. Always remember that that gentle Initial Learner is always with us; however we treat our inner baby that’s how the rest of our Being will respond.

Humans are finicky Beings.

SO let’s all practice walking in Inner Harmony. Let’s all consistently refocus our thoughts. Let’s have compassion towards our many Selfs inside of us throughout every stage of the process. Practice an abundance of Self-compassion, see how you start giving it to others. See how our world changes, for the better with Self-acceptance.

Remember to accept the ideas that your Spirit puts in you— accept the expansive feeling of Agape Love and Respect and Care for yourself and others.

All of the wonderful possibilities are within you. Can you embrace this?

Let’s all TRY.

Begin with the words that you choose to say. Tape your mouth-shut if you have to; do it for whole week and listen to the words that want to come out—do you even really need to say them? Especially the negative stuff…do you really need to say that $#!+. Or do you just revert to it, but why?

Use your better Imagination. Practice in the spur of the moment, practice with your Self throughout the day. This will help you overcome the negative talk patterns that you may, or may not, continuously regress to.

All we have to do is try. Try. Try. Try. Try.

Let’s nurture a thriving world. Share this message with your community.

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Thank you for reading. All the best and Namasté

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3 thoughts on “chapter 13—a tip for GETTING OUT of YOUR OWN WAY amidst Covid-19

  1. Harbans June 8, 2020 / 07:32

    Wonderful thoughts in these trying times.


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