chapter 15—TOGETHER we will RISE amidst Covid-19 turmoil

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It’s Saturday. April 11, 2020.

They paved Planet Earth and put up lots of parking lots…we’ve been listening to lots of uplifting music, and we haven’t been watching the News. Our spirits are high, on the most natural high. No recreational materials needed to get us UP here, just a lot of uplifting music, chats, meditation, speakers, writings, readings, the list goes on.

We are ingesting and creating as much uplifting content as possible, while still remaining real.

Amidst Coronavirus, what is real?

Real is now. Real is this moment. Real are the things that you can see, hear, smell, taste, touch. As we shared in one of our prior Covid-19 posts, real is what your five-senses can perceive right now.

Real is not feeling bad for others negatively affected by the coronavirus situation. Real is not taking it upon yourself to feel others hurt, and hurt your-Self. Real is doing something about this whole worldwide pandemic thing. What have you been doing to help us all out?

Us includes you. The better that you are—mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally—the more useful you can be to humankind. The more loving, respectful, and grateful you can be towards your friends and family, clients and strangers.

It’s not virtuous to feel bad for others, that doesn’t make you a better human; it only makes you egotistical. It puts you above all else. We are all the same. We are all one. When other’s hurt, we feel it too, but feeling bad for them is not the answer—that’s just promoting more hurt in our world. Instead, how can you lift them UP?

Amidst covid-19, how can you lift yourself UP?

We’ve been listening to good music, sending inspiring texts, reaching out with positive talks, guiding meditations and practicing ourselves, as well as doing Yoga. Also, watching inspirational speakers (like Steven Furnik, from yesterdays post), writing a lot, reading some more, reaching out to all whom have impacted our lives in many ways, and even those whom we’ve just crossed paths with occasionally—everyone we know deserves to be happy, healthy, grateful, loved, and fulfilled amidst uncertainty.

Our whole human lives are based on uncertainty. So let’s not let coronavirus let us forget that. Let’s not let covid-19 make us think that humans dying is the worst thing possible—humans die everyday, and before Coronavirus they were actually dying for worse f@&ed up things, like wars over land, religion, and oil. But nobody was stopping the world then because we thought we had control, but we’ve never had control.

Only God, the Universe, Source, Allah, Creation have had the power, and they are showing us now. They are urging us to reprioritize Human Life, our existence, and how we affect this world, our home: Planet Earth.

We are all together in this Covid-19 thing.

Together, let’s RISE.

Let’s nurture a thriving world. Share this message with your community.

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Thank you for reading. All the best and Namasté

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