chapter 10—can this prolonged covid-19 isolation be useful?

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It’s Sunday. April 5, 2020.

In the West, the Pacific Northwest to be exact, people are being forced to stay home until about May 4, or 5, or TBD. This is a time of extreme isolation. Truthfully, for me, it’s been too long already…it’s getting to the point where getting forced to stay home totally sucks; however, maybe, if the constant noise pollution from the construction across my street diminished, I’d feel rather different.

And, also, there’s the part where some of me must have manifested it somehow…in someway. Or, it’s happening for a reason, some greater good. I hope that one of those is the reason, and at the same time, I know that bits of everything is. There is so much to the truth; like, there is so much to this Covid-19 worldwide pandemic. 

Simply, Coronavirus is giving us a forced reset

There are things one cannot do while being home all day, yet there’s so much one can get done. There is so much that we all need to get done (as a species); the world sped up, way too fast, then about twenty years later, not many of us took the time to look around—to notice and observe what changed. 

Covid-19 is forcing us to do it. 

Has the internet and social media enhanced our lives? Be truthful. For me, it’s the former—the latter was, at times, quite painful, but the internet (overall) has been a ball. A gift that keeps on giving. Like, isn’t so wonderful how connected we all are despite being worlds away. Because of the magic of the Internet we are not alone when everyone is so alone. All of us are caught in uncertainty. None of us know what the outcomes holds. None of us know where this is all going. Yet, all of us have a part in the making of it. 

Where we go after Coronavirus is up to all of us. 

Wherever we focus on the road that we are taking is where we end up. Simple mechanics and explanation of the framework of the mind. You are the captain of your ship, you tell the mind where to go. Let the News co-captain, and have the News co-direct where you are going. Or, take the reigns to your own vessel, yourself. This is where we want to go: to a better future for all. Yes, that includes plants, and animals, and elements.

Planet Earth, we will take care of you, again, and all of your inhabitants. We will be vigilant in our cooperation with you Planet Earth, and each-other, thus no other pandemic will ever fall upon us. 

Doesn’t that sound f@#%ing wonderful. And, isn’t ever so possible? We have the technology for everyone, let’s not kid ourselves: capitalism is dead. The way the wheels were turning wasn’t working. A new form is evolving. 

Train your mind to see it. Refocus your mind to see the good in change. Let the humankind tribe THRIVE.

Let the coronavirus pandemic fulfill Souls.

Humankind needed this time to relax, to process how quickly everything got over the last twenty years—do you remember how slow the nineties were? Oh, that painful dial-up rhythm (it’s so loud in the back of my mind), it’s so prevalent because the nineties was less than a generation ago. It wasn’t that long ago when the world sped up. Minds collided, everything got smaller, yet most People didn’t take the time to see it. Now is the time for self-exploration. 

Where do you want to go? That’s where our world will go. What is it that you are currently focusing on, and feeling with certainty? That’s where you are steering your ship. Overall, remember that nothing is certain but the PRESENT.

So, what is real for you right now? Focus on that, and focus on being f@#%ing grateful. 

Finally, let’s get creative about where we are going after the coronavirus pandemic—let’s get someplace great.  

Let’s nurture a thriving world. Share this message with your community.

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Thank you for reading. All the best and Namasté

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