chapter 9—bye corona

deydreaming cloud thought

It’s Friday.

Imagine life after Coronavirus, what will that be like? Relax your heart, relax your breathing, relax your thinking, and focus on one thing. That blissful feeling of no thoughts; just being.

observe: the world, it moves so slow. 

It’s Friday, but there is no rush. No one is trying to get from point A to point B, we are all just learning to be comfortable with where we’re at. How to enjoy that?

How do we just enjoy our PRESENT? We listen. We hear with our innermost voice the rhythm of our own heartbeat. Do you heart that? It talks. It’s speaks. It has its own language. It’s own rhythm. We are always banging always.

covid—19 says, let’s harmonize

What kind of music are you playing? Could the scared-song be relabeled excitement? Could the scared-song be remade into a nourishing tune?

Humans have a great capacity to learn, to get better, and to evolve. It’s not just us saying it,  Jean-Luc Picard said it last night while we were binging on some Star Trek. Yes, it happens, sometimes we need escapism. But it’s important to stay in-tune with reality; the true reality: CoronaVirus is a thing we all manifested. 

Every human wanted things to change; especially, here, in the west. We were all just tired of the same old tired news.

Something about some celebrity, oh, and more and more were committing suicide—it was becoming a trend. Let’s not forget school shootings, with the occasional mall and movie theater angry teenage out burst. There was also a couple of wars, maybe a handful; something about oil and religion. Where are you now, God; they all shout out.

Little did they know, it was all God-sent…

Creation is teaching its children: no more messing with It. Let’s get better at serving Nature, at serving each other. Fill the hole in your heart with what it truly wants: wholehearted altruism.

But don’t take our word for it; hear your heart tell you itself. Get really, really quiet. Focus on your breath, then focus on your heart beating, and listen to what it has to say; attentively. Just listen. Observe. Witness. And learn for yourself, from yourself.

Let’s nurture a thriving world. Share this message with your community.

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Thank you for reading. All the best and Namasté

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