nurture faith

trust the timing. All the actionable steps you take will lead you to your destinations, to your heart's yearnings, just trust the timing.

This is Sunday’s reminder to live in the PRESENT, to enjoy life as much as possible, to be grateful for everything.

Because 1638 was a long time ago, it’s 2019 now; we don’t need to struggle to survive anymore.

So…what’s next, how do we thrive?

Perhaps emotions are key in the next step of human evolution. Perhaps mindfulness and breath awareness are tools we must use to help propel the energy of our thoughts to create more efficient motion with our feelings..

how do you create more efficient motion with your feelings, with the energy that stems from them?

deydreaming music notes

It is through prayer that we can achieve anything; through conscious, focused thought. Through constant repetition of words (just because you don’t say amen doesn’t mean you’re not praying for anything when you keep on repeating the words, sentences and phrases you continuously say…and think).

7daysPresent gratitude experiment

It’s not Saturday anymore. Enjoy today, it’s SUNDAY!

  • Start with gratitude.
  • Stretch your body —animals do, after long periods of immobility.
  • Drink hot water, it’s good for digestion.
  • Meditate, it’s good for the mind.
  • Read, it’s good for the brain.
  • Eat good food, it’s good for the belly.
  • Listen to good music, it’s good for the heart. Enjoy deydreaming on Spotify.
Appreciate the world around (the world we continuously co-create) and if you don’t like something about it stop complaining and do something about it. Always be kind with yourself, plants, animals, and others. Have fun, be light-hearted and enjoy your PRESENT.


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