TGI-that escalated quickly…

Our Christ journey doesn’t have to leave us naked on a cross with a loin cloth covering our root chakra. Sure, it’s hard to let go of the “ego” —the id— it’s hard to let go of the past, but in order to live a more fulfilling overall life one has to purge every few years.

Purging of the mind and soul is a necessary thing we must do, like we do so with stuff in the physical realm every spring cleaning or couple of years; as time goes by, things accumulate in the physical realm just as much as they tend to accumulate in the physical world.

Blah—blah—blah. Let go of shit and then what? Life will be easy? We will be free from Trouble and Strife? Is that what it takes to achieve Inner Peace and Harmony; to constantly live in the moment.

Yes. Consistently live in the moment, all day, everyday.

Well, doesn’t that run the risk of complete narcissism?

Huh? IT IS complete narcissism to not want to let go of the ID, said the SuperEgo, or perhaps some higher consciousness…

Overall it’s hard to let go of these primitive needs to survive. But Nobody needs to survive.

Okay, true. So then, what does it look like to Thrive?

I forgive.
I am grateful.

I am forgiveness.
I am gratitude.

You are forgiveness.
You are gratitude.

It is forgiveness.
It is gratitude.

We are forgiveness.
We are gratitude.

Us forgive.
Us is grateful.

How wonderful to see Life’s magic. How wonderful to see the wonder in Life. How did we even come into existence. Consciousness developed because why? Do we have a purpose or are we creating our own. Does it all lead to somewhere—if so where do we go?

How do we patiently get there? How do we enjoy Life in the meantime? There’s so much this World has to offer. There are so many things mankind has thought up of; people are so clever, yet what exactly are we getting at?

What does it mean to live a life well lived? Is it possible to talk to my eighty year old self and ask that? How long will I live? Does it matter whether or not I know that? Will it enhance my current situation?

What do I like most about my current state of being? What do I like most about my life overall?

Self-love is not egotism. Self-love is taking care of the Self so that the Self does not lash out on others—turns out, we have a lot of mirrors. There are people we meet that may reflect back that which we like least about ourselves so we lash-out. Our Emotions get stirred.

How do we walk along the middle?

Thank you.

Be grateful, for everything say, thank you.

Things happen for a reason, so best to just enjoy the season. Otherwise you’re fighting against the waves, for what? It’s total Self-harm. That’s not what We do with the Self to best take care of it.

What do We do with the Self to best take care of it?

We love it, we appreciate everything about it. Just look at how creative it can get—isn’t darling? How cute to think up such strange things sometimes. Other times I am awed at It’s existence.

Respect where you are in Life, treat It with care.

How do you care for It?

There are basic understanding in all religions, sects and philosophies—learn things, or meditate relentlessly.

Seek God that way.

What is God? Why seek Him?

She is the Creator of consciousness. All energy on the planet, stars and galaxies. She’s the bringer of Light. She dwells in the dark. She is Everything.

Why do you call God a She?

God is a He, a Him, an It…She is Everything, I can call Her nearly Everything.

Remember, God has many names.

The Word was spoken long ago, people keep speaking today.

We are constantly forging our future…where will We go as a species?

You don’t really wanna know…not because it’s any bad it’s just that who would want to finish the story before They started. Nobody may want that, some people do. They think that by learning what will happen in the end Life will be better enjoyed.

I think I am one of those people….

And, is it better enjoyed?

I dunno… have I ever really ever known anything? …or do I just listen intently. Is there such thing as Inner Knowledge?

What does it matter whether or not there is. Will you listen to it, that’s the question.

How can I listen to Inner Knowledge?

Get really, really, really, quite. This takes effort and work—life is loud everywhere on Earth there are cities and people.

Cities are loud. Cities are an intermix of many people’s energies. Energy creates motion, humans were made to move, when they sit around all day they have to release their energy a different way, some do it toxically…people in cities numb themselves via wine, beer, weed, food, TV, hard alcohol, shopping—there are many ways.

Okay, well, how much is enough?

You, Yourself knows best. Sit down and get quiet, real quite then ask Yourself.

How much is enough consumption of material goods for me? How much is enough?

I guess I gotta get quiet now.

Thank you.

I am grateful.

I am.


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7daysPresent gratitude experiment

Appreciate the world around (the world we continuously co-create) and if you don’t like something about it stop complaining and do something about it. Always be kind with yourself, plants, animals, and others. Have fun, be light-hearted and enjoy your PRESENT.



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