Thursday #SelfKindness

How do I be kind with Myself? Are more people happy with themselves, and with the world around than not? Or, how do We be content? 


I love you Body, says the Soul. I chose You to experience this world. The body has ancient worldly knowledge coded into it. Souls are intertwined with Universal knowledge. Then there’s the third…the one that is created when all of this goes into effect at birth. At the moment of conception begins the process, though things may interrupt it; many things may separate the Soul from the Earthly Form it once chose. The point here is that the Earthly Form was originally chosen by the Soul. Any changes in the original Earthly Form are caused by the “ego” —the id— that thing that is created when Soul and Body intertwine. The Son is neither earthly nor heavenly yet He is both. Trapped in its earthly existence the id tries to destroy itself, It is liberated once It knows who It is and where It comes from. The human is not truly the body.

It is much more. 

Got it so, I am not my body. I have chosen this form to experience this earthly existence. I chose to come here. I can opt out at anytime. At anytime I can manifest desires, including negative things that I focus on and give my Energy to…car crash, random tree falling, a fire. We are but the culmination of our choices. . .that’s tough to swallow. It’s too much responsibility, yet it is ours and only ours. It is in the thoughts we chose to fuel. What about being coded “incorrectly”? Turns out many of us were not coded initially for inner peace. Most of our parents knew inner struggle and taught us that. As children most of us did not know the inner struggle, we were not caught up with watches and clocks, we experience time differently. Life was enjoyed much faster. 

What if every problem is a chance to up-level? To regain that inner peace and harmony we all once experience as young children. Can being “re-coded” or “debugged” actually happen? Does a child learn to walk. If we elevate every mistake as triumph and see it for what it truly is: a step towards the right direction.

…everything returns to its original form, we were heavenly long before earthly bodies even existed.

I forgive you. Tell your body everyday, for it doesn’t know better. Then gently teach it better, it doesn’t have to get mad; everything happens for a reason. Everything is restored as it once was, there is no losing in life—everybody wins, we all return to heaven. There is only the inner struggle. How many times must we fail before we are allowed back into such peace? It’s all part of the inner struggle, the human story. Never forget where You came from. The cosmos, the stars, that is where you will return one day. In the meantime what kind of time do you want to have? What kind of earthly things will you nourish? Emotions tell us something yet we don’t always have to listen, is it only when they get too loud that we have to address them? How do we differentiate soul energy from thoughts that have attached into our neural networks? How do we debug these networks? Is consistent inner peace possible? The heavenly kind; do no harm onto others (people, animals, our planet). Do no harm into thy Self. Strive to be harmless, never harmful specially towards the Self. If the Self isn’t in peace then it spews negative energy like an uncovered sneeze. 

How do we cleanse our energy?

Mediate, obviously. Meditation is not rumination, so don’t sit and ruminate. If you have to sit for a while with your wild thoughts…sit for a while with that monkey chatter, thank them for coming along, thank your magnificent imagination but don’t focus on anything It’s sayings, just be grateful for Your Consciousness then watch It disperse. Watch It slowly lose its monkey energy and mellow out into the void. The VOID, now that’s where the juicy stuff is! Tranquility, inner peace, absolute no monkeys barking! You are not your body, the body is as it naturally should be, and all is functioning properly—not even a tingling in your legs, your toes are breathing fully, the blood is pulsing into every limb; refueling every cell. Yet you are only keenly aware of it, your awareness is mostly, entirely up in space; the enormous Void. There is nothing up there, and You need for nothing. The mind is extremely quite, You are the Observer. You can see how you are experiencing this but only for a second because above all you are something else; you are nothing but pure Bliss. The state of Creation. One with Time. God connected. Things begin to rewire after that, once you see that the story is merely human created yet…You are not. 

Thank you. Thank you. I am grateful. May I share this with people?

As it is. That is all. Enjoy your day. 

Thank you!     


deydreaming music notes

7daysPresent gratitude experiment

Appreciate the world around (the world we continuously co-create) and if you don’t like something about it stop complaining and do something about it. Always be kind with yourself, plants, animals, and others. Have fun, be light-hearted and enjoy your PRESENT.



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