Monday Motivation: support children’s rights.

As I talked about is a previous post, I started this website a few years ago and I had no actual goal for it. When I started this site I was living in China, so I began by documenting that: my experience of living abroad.


Living in the People’s Republic of China for over a year really did something to me. It unlocked a huge potentiality of new and wonderful possibilities…as well as a tidal wave of repressed childhood memories. Childhood Demons.


Coming back to the states was inevitable and in doing and I —inevitably— had to face myself. No longer could I go back to the utter chaos and drama that was my life before the PRC. I was determined to evolve and to grow.


That is how I ended up here.


I’ve been on my own. Completely. No family or friends to consistently see, hang-out with  or rely on. Or to keep me in a mold and shield me from seeing my true self.


For the last year and a few months. I’ve had the privilege of solitude; for days, not just hours. I’ve sat with my inner child, I’ve connected with my higher being, I’ve reached out to my future self.


I’ve let source travel through my fingers. I’ve let my heart guide me.


Where I’m going I do not yet fully know —I just know my inner compass guides me.


There is still much I have to learn. There is still much left to decide. Yet the evidence is clear, something is leading up to something here.


I find flow and passion in the things that I do, and the things I share. I love doing these things. I love writing. I love making videos. Yoga and meditation are my solid grounds. I enjoy and appreciate water and nature.


Yes, I’ve faced a lot of demons. Lot’s of can’ts, shouldn’ts, and I’m-not-good-enoughings. I am clearing them out which is what brings me to this unusual post.

I’ve always wanted to make t-shirts; to wear the words I live by on my clothing.

In the spirit of why the f🙊k not… i just went for it. Now I have my own “online store” !!

—what does that even mean? It means I have to start telling people to start buying🤷‍♀️ lol. Really I just want people to respect children and to wear cool clothes that they actually believe in.

So support children’s rights!

Purchase yourself (and your family and friends) one of these hoodies at my online store, here.

Many blessings



Get your own hoodie.Support Children’s RightsChildren are people too

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