traditional Chinese house

Why China?

When people ask me this question I tend to answer: why not China?

China is the biggest influencer in Asia, and the leading provider for the entire world.

I wanted to see it for myself and experience how life was like there.

Plus, I really didn’t know much about China. I knew the stuff above and that it has a rich culture that goes back thousands and thousands of years. Also that it holds an enormous amount of the world’s population of people. Other than that, I’ve learned so little about China by growing up in the West. I wanted to learn more about China’s culture, and its people, firsthand.

Of course I also wanted to explore. I was seeking foreign territory, the complete unknown. What’s more foreign than a place that doesn’t use the roman alphabet on menus and street signs? Sure, there are other places with strange symbols on their menus and signs but they aren’t as unknown as China.

So, for me, that’s why China. I simply needed to quench a thirst for Eastern knowledge. While also living a new adventure.

Have you ever been to China?

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