chapter 7—get creative with this whole thing

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The entire world is focused on one thing. What happens when we all focus on one thing?

What happens when we give all of our Energy and Attention to just one focus?

It’s easy to focus on CoronaVirus, it’s easy to get swept down the down-whirl spiral.  But it is just as easy to come up. You get really, really, really quiet, and you just listen to your heart; you talk to it. You may tell it to calm down. Remind it that it’s okay. Or something like that. Then, you practice this again and again because the CoronaVirus scare is everywhere.

Has Covid-19 affected you personally? That’s a whole other level. But you still don’t need anyone’s somber vibes and thinking.

We ALL need to think creatively about this Pandemic.

That’s how we got here to begin with; someone thought that they could possibly get sick from an animal, and they did; the disease miraculously manifested and jumped from a furry little creature to a human being. Then we all collectively accepted this disease and turned it into a worldwide pandemic because everyone on the planet needed things to change. So things are changing.

Let’s focus on change for the better.

It’s so easy to get distracted with the news, I myself have gone on several down-whirl spirals since the whole thing started. I practice meditation, I go on walks, I read good things, and feed myself healthy images. I lead others on guided meditations and mindfulness practice, I write about looking at the brighter side, I wear inspirational clothing, and have inspirational decals and pillows, still, I went on a couple of sad-rants on Twitter. Still, I got stuck on a thought, and for a while there, I couldn’t even hear my own heart beating. It’s the original language of the Soul, we NEED to hear it!

Thanks to the Absher co. construction disturbance in my neighborhood that I was totally bitching about on Twitter—because it truly was causing me unbearable headaches—I mindfully decided to get creative with what I was feeling. I went on a long drive yesterday; thankfully, my drive included the view of hundreds of moss-filled trees stretching up towards the sun. I talked to them, I pleaded for their help; someone listened. By the end of my drive, I had a plan. I remembered the earplugs that I’ve been carrying around for the last decade. Meant for protecting my ears in the water, I always forget to wear them when I go swimming. But I’ve kept them, so this morning, I wore them. Gasp! They worked. Not only did they block-out the nonstop banging and drilling sounds being carried in through the walls from across the street, the earplugs reintroduced me to the sound of my own heartbeat. That little dude was scared. It had been watching too many news, and it was trying to warm me otherwise. It was trying to get my attention away from CoronaVirus.

But it’s hard not to watch the Covid-19 headlines. It’s hard not to feel sad for people that are losing their family members, jobs, and livelihoods. I want for things to get better after CoronaVirus, I want for things to get better NOW; while, at the same time, I understand that sometimes it takes drastic measures to get people to change, to truly evolve.

What is the next place for the human race?

Is it six-feet underground, or can we learn to work better together for the benefit of all? Let’s stop with the deep-pocket game, that game is tired. Wohoo, you have all the money to do what? Get more stuff? Stuff is not the way to fulfill the Soul. The Ego has transitory needs; most of the time, the Ego doesn’t even know what it truly wants: it just wants. The Soul is different. It’s urging us to get more connected. The change is here.

It’s time to move away from wanting. It’s time to tap into the feelings of things. Feel how much better it is to help each-other out. Feel how much better it is to give-forward and back. Feel the fulfillment of the Soul. What does that feel like? Feel your heartbeat, let it talk to you.

Feel how much better things can be, and we will get there. Get stuck on a good thought; otherwise, if you get stuck on a down-whirl spiral, things suck, and you don’t feel good. So listen to all the feelings, they are but Energy in motion. So actively guide your Emotions to feel better, get creative with your thinking, and the feelings you are fueling. 

Go for a walk, go for a drive, get off Twitter. For the past two days, while I was mad Twitting, people either offered their support, or said that I should deal with it; no one got creative to help me out with the most simple answer: earplugs.

Pained from the constant rumbling, I couldn’t see past my own headache. I couldn’t get creative. I just needed a simple solution, I needed a kind voice of reason; thankfully, my drive and the trees offered that. Thankfully, I get to write about it now, and perhaps, help someone else who may be going through a similar experience.

Everyone is hurting nowadays, in one form or another, everyone is facing uncertainty. What is in the other side of CoronaVirus? Let’s start to feel all of the goodness that this Covid-19 pandemic can bring.

Let’s nurture a thriving world. Share this message with your community.

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Thank you for reading. All the best and Namasté

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