goal for 2020 #bidet

using toilet paper is kinda gross

It’s Wednesday,

if you’re happy and you know it,

clap your hands.

if you’re happy and you know it,

clap your hands.

if you’re happy and you know it then your face will surely show it.
if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.


*if you’re NOT happy, that’s totally cool too, perhaps you’re experiencing harsh inner weather—calmer days will come. Then, eventually…Death. Soooooo, remember that Life is not forever, the minutes are ticking slow, but the years still go by. Time changes everything, the leaves fall down, the trees go bare, the scenery changes. Let go of heavy weight that you’ve been holding onto from the past. Stop stretching for a future that doesn’t exist, but only in your head. FOLLOW YOUR HEART. That Inner Knowing that’s been steadily leading you all of your life. TRUST THAT and know when it is talking to you. What does It feel like? What does I, I am, It, We, Us, You, Me feel like when completely at ease? Remember children at play. Remember being a child yourself.

What an easy, breezy feeling.

No worries about cooking food or washing dishes, no worrying about what other people think—nothing to worry about.


most, if not all, problems are man-made. Meaning people self-create 99% of their own problems. Problems are nothing to worry about when you’re a kid. Think about it. Remember it. Use it to transcend your limitations.

Enjoy TODAY.


deydreaming music notes

7daysPresent gratitude experiment

Appreciate the world around (the world we continuously co-create) and if you don’t like something about it stop complaining and do something about it. Always be kind with yourself, plants, animals, and others. Have fun, be light-hearted and enjoy your PRESENT.

I am so thankful—long sleeve American Apparel Navy shirt

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