one step at a time

Cultivate your passion


Hear that? the silence. The rhythm of your heartbeat. The ebb and flow of your breath.

No brain noise here. No mind gremlins. Not an ounce of monkey chatter, mitotes, head static, or incessant inner-talk…we are here.

Focused on ONE thing.

One thought.

One mantra.


THIS space.

Grow into it.

deydreaming music notes

It’s not yesterday anymore, enjoy your new day.

Start with gratitude and some good stretching. Add some hot water, a calm meditation and perhaps some light reading. Nourish your body with food also. Then get some music in your life —get ready to the sound of a good beat. Take care of & appreciate the life around you (the world you continuously co-create) then get on with your new day.
Embrace every bit of it. Enjoy your day.

7daysPresent daily gratitude meditation



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Find a good beat deydreaming on Spotify
Enjoy inspirational videos at YouTube/deydreaming storytime

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