Constantly caught between I am nothing and I am EVERYTHING

It’s Wednesday.

Hear that? the silence. the rhythm of your heartbeat, the ebb and flow of your breath…

No brain noise here, no mind gremlins, not an ounce of monkey chatter, mitotes, head static, or incessant inner-talk…we are focused on ONE thing.

One thought.

One mantra.


THIS space.

Grow into it.

What are seven things you are grateful for today?
  1. ___
  2. ___
  3. ___
  4. ___
  5. ___
  6. ___
  7. ___

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2 thoughts on “AUMMMMM

  1. Excessive & Composed January 9, 2019 / 20:35

    1. Great family
    2. Patient coworkers as I am learning a new job
    3. Dedicated college professor that helps us in any way he can
    4. Wet nosed kittens/cats that gave me a special greeting when I came home
    5. Reliable transportation….my day requires A LOT of running around
    6. Classmates that make me feel accepted into a widely male dominated field of study and class
    7. This post, typing the six previous blurbs made me smile.

    Great post! ♥️🏆

    Liked by 1 person

    • Author April 18, 2019 / 00:41

      This is Amazing. Thank you for sharing. I hope you get to practice excessive & composed gratitude each day.


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