Monday Motivation: next chapter

I am watching the movie unfold and I wish I could change things… it all just goes back to the original wound. any point in time, at any moment, we have the complete ability to shout
(probably internally), “STOP. CUT. This is NOT how my story continues. This is NOT how my story will end.”

Commence new scene.

The next chapter is only limited by your own imagination and what YOU allow for yourself

Whatever you set limits to you will NOT reach.

You continuously set your own limits by your very thoughts and words.

Take the wheel behind your mind and mouth.

SOLUTION BASED talking and thinking.

Never over complain, don’t become repetitive with your thoughts of lack. That is a bad habit.

For a better habit practice POSITIVE THINKING. Now this type of thinking is not all rainbows, candy and magic elves.

It’s real, heartfelt, solution-based thinking.


Why shine a light on the problem? You get more of the problem.

Shine the light on the solution, on the outcome: reach THAT.

We haven’t had to struggle to survive for sooooooooooooooo long. Our needs are met easily. Now, how can we THRIVE?

End scene🎬

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