7 traits that will help you make the best out of life in China

China, public art

Alright, so you heard that China is a great place for foreigners right now and you wanna give living there a shot.

Before you begin packing any bags, check out the following seven traits, see if you have what it takes to go to the PRC and really make the best out of your time spent living there.

  1. Determination — you need lots of determination to even make the trip. To begin with, it takes a lot of paperwork to get a Chinese visa. Then there’s not much info on the internet about China, or the info that is available is in Chinese therefore unhelpful, so you gotta be determined to continue your journey then once you get to China and the culture shock finally hits you you gotta be determined to stay there.
  2. Endurance — living in China is not easy, there are many strange Chinese habits that are really unusual for foreigners. Some can get very hard to stand, so just endure through those “classic China” moments and you’ll give yourself the chance to enjoy another day.
  3. Curiosity — you have to be really curious about China to make the best of of your time here then you have to maintain your curiosity specially strong through the tough times.  Things may get challenging or frustrating but you must remember that everything around you is still unknown, so you cannot use your typical way of thinking to judge what you see and experience. When you’re in China you must see everything through your lens of curiosity, things are very different here.
  4. Positivity — $#!+’s bound to happen, you’re bound to get annoyed, you’re bound to begin complaining. When you see yourself start to do that you must engage your positivity. Remember that there are actually many cool things about living in China, about being a foreigner in a monocultural country, about just living in a different country.
  5. Drive — you definitely need drive to make the most out of life in China. Sure, you can just endure through the initial opportunities China grants you or you can make life even better for you. There are many opportunities for foreigners in China, but they need to be active in pursuing them.
  6. Humor — you definitely need to use your humor to help you deal with some of the things that you experience in China. For example, China is actually a very safe place for people but if you’re not careful you’ll end up paying the foreigner price for nearly everything you buy. Just learn the standard pricing for the things you need otherwise you’ll be getting ripped-off too much to be able to use humor to laugh it off.
  7. Patience — always use your patience and stay relaxed, specially through the “classic China” moments — stress is no bueno.

China, public art

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