My Thoughts on Life

Simply put life is just a figment of our imagination. Life is a dream. That’s it. It’s all created in our heads.

If you think about it, waking life is as real as any sleeping dream. At least for me. My sleeping-dreams are so vivid. Everything is so clear and detailed. I can hear things, taste things, touch them, feel them. When I am asleep — and dreaming — even my emotions don’t stop, I experience all of them: excitement, fear, terror, happiness, anger, love, ecstasy.

It’s. All. So. Real!

Then there’s lucid dreams. Those are the best! When I have lucid dreams everything is as vivid as my usual dreams plus I have full control over everything that happens and everything I do in those dreams. 

So then — let’s just take a small hop here — if awake life is not much realer than any other sleeping-dream and dreams are things that can be controlled then, by nature of the fact that none of us really know what life is, that must mean that we actually have a lot of control over our awake life.


That’s what I think.

Many of the experiences that happened in my life have lead me to believe this. That we have more control over our own life than we chose. For example we can chose to focus on a sad life and make that the reality, or we can be imaginative. We think about all of the joyful things going on in our life and focus on those, thereby making them the primary reality. We can even create new great things in our imagination and put our energy into making those the reality. Whatever we shine a light on that will be the brightest. If we imagine the best life we can accept and we work towards it we will get it because we are actively searching for it. It’s really as simple as the old adage “seek and you shall find”. Why has this saying traveled through time? Because it’s true and we should come to know it. I’m sure there are many old sayings that speak truths that we should internalize but instead, at least like me, tend to forget.

I really must remember these things — specially during times when I become too afraid and inevitably stop walking towards my dreams. I hate those times…

Maybe that’s why I am writing this down. There are times I need a quick reminder and I am not sure where to turn to. I guess I don’t have something to remind me that I have more control over the outcome of my day to day life. That it is my choice what I chose to be present for and how I chose to react to things. Everyone is already caught up in their own illusion of reality to remember themselves, so I can’t rely or depend on another person to remind me. Plus, some times I need a quick reminder.

There are those times when I get scared, overwhelmed, tired and I start to focus on the fear. I forget that it’s all just one big dream and I just shine a light on all the negative emotions that are swirling up inside of me, I make them real. Instead of using those emotions as fuel, I find truth in them and I freeze. I stop moving towards my dreams. I don’t get closer to my goals. Overtime the space between me and those goals actually starts to drift away. That just make things worse.

Thankfully something finally reminds me not to take this dream of life so seriously.

Then (again) I start focusing on the process of life, the journey. Again, I begin to shine a light on all of the beautiful things in life. Yet again, I take forwards steps towards my goals. 

This cycle tends to repeat itself, at least it has ever since I began to have my own thoughts about life. Maybe with the more that I learn those thoughts will evolve, but for now they have been useful — specially with easing the stress that comes with what life is now.

One day I hope to always remember to live more in the present, where the ride through this dream current is the smoothes. Maybe I can imagine myself being a real yogi and enjoy surfing through a harmonious life. 


A field of wonderful possibilities is just a paradigm shift away:

let’s start imagining. 

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