How to start a blog, my version.

First. Have desire to start blog.* 

*You hear yourself saying often, “oh, I wanna start a blog”.
If you do you can begin your starting-a-blog journey.

Sit down and brainstorm a suitable domain name. 

Decide on a suitable domain name.

Wait around for months and months before actually going to register the domain name.

Log on to a blog hosting site and find out that someone else has already registered the domain name you want. 

Sit down again with a pen and pad to brainstorm new domain names ideas.

Settle on one domain name.

This time hurry, log onto hosting site and register the name!

Complete registration for domain name. 

Don’t log on to the server for months and months — the domain name is yours now (for a fee).

Finally sit down to design your blog — or pay someone that’s better at making beautiful things to do it for you.

Have a nice looking-blog with a bunch of empty pages! Maybe even your “about me” information is non-existent.

6.After a few months come back, full of inspiration, and start filling up the pages of your blog.

7. Take a long, long, time to write, and upload, just one post.

8.Go on another break from “writing” on your blog.

9. Start actually writing on your blog again.

10. Write, write, write.

11. Take another months, and months, break.

12. After a while realize that you have only two options, A) keep going or B) give up.
Option A: keeping going.

Repeat steps 6—12 then continue to choose this option every time.

Option B: give up

Never come back to your blog, probably continue to pay for it, and always wonder “what if”.