Monday Motivation: cloudthoughts

After years and years and years of thinking about it I finally started CloudThoughts roughly about two and a half years ago…maybe a bit longer. They began timidly; much like this site (read up: How to Start a blog, my version). In the beginning* they were quite literally small type sentences laid flat on a cloud-filled backdrop. Over the years they’ve grown, and they’ve gotten louder—because I’ve simply let my imagination run with them. Because I’ve allowed them to live.

The (cloud) thoughts just happen.

Whether I’m at a stop light, or doing chores, paddling, grocery shopping, walking, Yogaing, eating…these thoughts just pop into my head. So, over the years I’ve written numerous of these random phrases down. I considered them good things to remember. And, good things to share. So eventually I turned them into Adobe Illustrator vectors and when I got the guts—the Universe forced me to—started sharing them.

And, sharing CloudThoughts really does make me feel better.

Every time that I allow one of my brain babies to manifest it’s like a huge weight gets lifted off my body. I can breathe easier. I have less thoughts nudging at me, constantly poking at me. It feels rather nice to let these ideas come alive. It’s sort of constipating blocking them from being born. It is freeing to make space for them, so I am making room for my brain children to live.

…the funny thing is though that bad ideas also want to make their way in.

How do I know that they are bad ideas?

They simply don’t make me feel good—when I feel disharmony inside it’s because bad ideas are trying to seep in. They aim to dissuade me from giving proper love and attention to my brain children, and to myself.

Bad ideas happen randomly too, so CloudThoughts also have a daily message attached everyday to help remind the reader to live a life of gratitude in a time when, if you’re reading this, you certainly have more than enough; lots to be thankful for, truly nothing to complain about—only possibilities.

How much better can things gets?

CloudThoughts and their attached texts changed quite a bit from the early beginning attempts at sharing this valuable massage, yet their purpose has remained the same: it’s important to remember to not take life so seriously, everyday; it’s important to remember that we have a lot to be grateful for; it’s important to remember to live in the present and perhaps solely focus on the good thoughts (the ones which offer inner peace and harmony within).

We’ve come a long way as a species…we no longer have to fight with fire, most of us are not struggling to survive. Self-imposed drama doesn’t count. This is the beginning of the next round. What kind of things are you beginning to see clearly?

Ready for 2020.

*in the beginning, CloudThoughts:

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