Monday Motivation: questions

What are my priorities?

In this day and age it’s so easy to get lost, not so much in what we should be doings, not in the what if’s, but in the nothings.

In the hidings. We hide from our true selfs, we don’t ask the right questions, we don’t forgive ourself, we get lost in the nothings.

What should I be doing right now?

It’s okay to take breaks.
It’s okay to not be “!on“ all the time.
Still what should I be doing right now to best suit my soul’s needs?

After all isn’t the harmony with our own soul the main priority. How do we create harmony within our selfs.

What creates disharmony?

Not listening to our selves. Getting lost in the nothings.

What are you doing? Nothing. I’m just checking Facebook… nothing I’m just watching TV… nothing I’m just going to work.

I refuse to do “nothing” —everything I do serve s a purpose for my soul.

My soul and I are best friends!

My soul sings to me via my heart beat.

My soul lights up my existence via my breath.

My soul and I carry a harmonious relationship. We are not nearly doing “nothing” we are doing something and we strive to do it well.

What does it mean to do something “well”?

Well is when the Soul is in harmony with the self.

I don’t fully know and I am doing something to find out because I’m tired of doing nothing.

Nothing gets me nowhere. By doing nothing I’m still doing something, I am hiding from living my best life.

Is it even possible to live your “best life”

Yes. As a child learns to walk, you too can learn to be harmonious within yourself —no matter how many times you stumble and fall it is not the end until you stop crawling.

If your still crawling it’s not over. It’ll be over when you can run, when you can win the race against yourself and fully enjoy it.

Then it’s all about embracing the blessings. Truly enjoy this life, your life.

Is that not possible? Is is possible. Once you allow yourself.

I give you permission. Though you may not need it, I still give you permission to grow and blossom into your truest self. The you that stems from you heartbeat. The you that dances this rhythm of life, it’s time to dance in harmony with your own inner beat.

Don’t dance for others, not even your parents. Though that may be wonderful and all well meaning your beat is not the same as theirs. Your beat deserves to be drummed.

It’s time to sign your own song and dance your own rhythm. Your parents will learn to like it.

And if they don’t?

Don’t live in fear, embrace your truest self. After all the trials and self imposed tribulations all is well.

Love is there.

Great appreciation & forgiveness is given as long as you live your own life you can find true happiness otherwise you’ll always be battling yourself for not living your true life.

If you’re lost, fnd yourself. Now your never far from your own heart beat.

Do something.


sing it loud, sign it proud.




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