Monday Motivation: favorite website

On last week’s Monday Motivation: wash your bowl, mind your thinking post I mentioned that I discovered the HighExistence  website, but I didn’t talk about it. is one of the coolest websites I’ve StumbledUpon.

I discovered the HE website almost a decade ago. It had only a few articles. I devoured the first few HE posts. Now this site has grown to have hundreds of great articles, a book, magazine, Podcast, a worldwide Enlightenment challenge and upcoming retreats. Pretty nifty for a website that got started by a bored and curious college student. He built HighExistence from scratch as a place to compile a bunch of the things he was interested in —much like I’m building deydreaming, though not entirely from scratch… I only hope to inspire and motivate individuals to live a fuller life. Much like HE has inspired and motivated me to enhance my own.

If you just learned about HighExistence I invite you to check it out and start with the following articles.

Top 5 HighExistence articles:

  1. The one that started it all: 50 Life Secrets & Tips. I loved this article so much that I immediately emailed it to all of my friends then made a huge calendar poster of it in one of my classes back when I was in college.
  2. Why the Examined Life is the Only Life Worth Living. This article was also sort of a life-changer, I may have shared it with a few friends when I discovered it yet I discovered it at a time in my life when I was forced to shut everything out and focus on my inner self —coincidence?
  3. This is just such a neat little living-life-to-the-fullest activity: How To Install a Power-Up Button On Your Body. I liked this article so much I made my own mock HighExistence Podcast on SoundClound.
  4. Another article I turned into a podcast on SoundCloud is 8 Ways to Get a Morning Headstart. Really are eight great ways to get a morning head-start. I recommend reading and listing to learn them and solidify in your memory.
  5. The last article I recommend for this site talks about 11 Benefits of Marijuana That Make it Medicine For Humans Who Are Not Sick. In light of the recent multiple States legalization this post shines a clear perspective on the benefits and adequate usage of marijuana.



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