pep talk


…what are you doing?
hiding. feeling bad at every corner. getting frighten at every turn…
you don’t need to do that.
in fact, you GOTTA let that shit roll off your shoulders.
step up. come on
there’s NO point in bearing any dead weight.
you know it
move away from it.
Simply. redirect your thoughts.
it IS possible to think up better things,
things that nourish your mind
things that liven your spirits
things that energize your heart
things that allow you to blossom.


It’s time to purify your mind.

the toxicness, the pollution stops here.

the time to be kind and gentle with yourSelf is now

because you matter.
because you have the conditions to thrive.

be REAL with yourSelf.

Give value to your existence,

You’re not just another rock, tick or branch.


you’re beyond complex
you dream, you create
you don’t just exist.

Please know,
I am eternally grateful to be yours.
I love you for everything you are,
and am forever your ally.


Ps. (remember) lead with your heart 🙂

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