30 things you need to do before turning 30

1. Live in a different city, away from your hometown. You’ll be surprised to find out just how different cities can be even within the same country. Doing this will give you the chance to meet the person that you really are (outside of the mold your community and all of the people around you created for you), and you will grow as an individual.

2. Work a retail or food industry job. You’ll be buying things and food for the rest of your life; get the insiders knowledge of how things really work from behind the scenes.

3. Do 300 hours of volunteer work. Great places to volunteer for are Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity — but your favorite non-profit will also work.

4. Read these books: the Alchemist, Grow Up, the Four Agreements.

5. Watch these movies: Pay-It-Forward, Life is Beautiful, Zeitgeist, I Am, Happy, The Compass and The Opus.

6. Teach children something, anything as long as it’s enriching and positive. You can tutor your favorite subject, coach your favorite sport, teach them your favorite hobby.

7. Speaking of hobbies, learn new hobbies! Anything and everything new that interests you, or anything that you wanted to learn, or do when you were little but never got the chance.

8. Learn a life skill. Learn to knit or sew, code HTML, change your oil, etc.

9. Plant a plant. Grow it from a seed, nurture it and watch it grow — notice how it filters your air, brings you oxygen, and life.

10. Forgive the people that have wronged you in the past. This doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends with them, but holding on to grudges and resentment will only hinder your own growth and hurt your heart.

11. Travel to at least three different countries, and live in each new one for at least three weeks each. A great way to do this is through study abroad programs or wwoof — though I’ve never tried wwoof-ing myself.

12. Visit a farm or ranch. See where your food really comes from.

13. Couchsurf or rideshare. The world is full of wonderful people this is a great way to meet them. Plus, after your experience you’ll just wanna pay-it-forward which will bring you all sorts of good karma points.

14. Observe the world around you. Pick anywhere then just sit and watch. Observe the world and make it count, do this for at least three hours.

15. Visit a landfill. Have you ever wondered where everything you throw away goes? It doesn’t just magically disappear. Find out what happens to your stuff.

16. Sleep under the stars, literally. Go camping with just your sleeping bag — but bring a tarp, in-case it rains.

17. Talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to. Have a thirty minute conversation with a homeless person or anyone you’d otherwise turn away.

18. Ditch your car for a year, or longer. Public transportation and bicycles are perfectly effective (and Eco-friendly) ways to travel. Plus you’ll get to discover a different side to the city in which you live in — and probably lose some weight.

19. Listen to non-lyrical music, and learn to love it. There’s already so much chatter inside of our heads, lyrical music just tends to increase the noise, so start listening to non-lyrical music.

20. Learn Sign Language. Because of all the noise pollution nowadays more and more people are increasingly losing their hearing as they get older. Your older, senile-self will appreciate you learning how to speak visually. Plus sometimes without words you can say so much more.

21. Write three POSITIVE and detailed online reviews — or more! It’s so easy not to write anything or to have the energy to write angry, negative reviews so make the time to share the good news!

22. Observe nature. For at least three hours sit somewhere in nature — where there are absolutely no other people around — and just observe.

23. Watch a thunderstorm (from a safe place – of course).

24. Learn to cook a new and delicious dish. Once you’ve mastered it have a dinner party. Invite at least three friends over to share it with you.

25. Begin your life-long daily meditation habit. Teach your mind how to relax and give it the chance to purify itself each day.

26. Create a daily exercise regiment, any exercise will do however Yoga asanas are the least impactive while providing optimal benefits.

27. Be vulnerable. Be real. Tell people how you really feel — no, emotions clouded by anger and resentment aren’t how you really feel.

28. Be kind and caring to yourself, become your own bestest friend.

29. Envision your perfect life, then write out in detail what that looks like. 

30. Define your Ultimate Purpose. In the next 30 years what will you be working towards?

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