the Chinese toilet —a squatty potty!!!

Yeah. I’m taking about it. I didn’t know about it before I arrived in China and it’s something that I should’ve been told… I would’ve been more prepared — both mentally and physically!

Here goes, Chinese toilets are not like Western toilets. That’s it. Big shocker huh? I was shocked, my egocentric mentality thought that all toilets were like the ones that we have in the West. Nope. These toilet are appropriately named ‘squatters’, they’re flat on the ground and, as a lady, you have to squat to go potty. For guys the standard urinals are available, unless they’re caught needing to go no.2 —then the squat is on!


It takes some getting used to. I’m not going to go into details, there are actually plenty of other sites that will explain how to use these types of toilets. What I want to point out are the physical benefits that you get from using a squatty potty.

The squat gives your legs a great, probably much needed, stretch and it activates your core too!

There you go. That’s it, again. It’s so simple, you get a core and leg work out each time you use a squatty potty. Further, in a squatting position the muscles in your core actually work better together to help you along your business faster. Plus, it’s great for your feet too!

When you squat you have to root your toes into the ground, to actually stay balanced. This is a practice that taught in so many Yoga poses, among many things it really helps with blood flow.

Imagine, each time you use a Chinese toilet you actually enhance your body!

In-fact using a Chinese toilet is basically just like doing Frog Pose —you get the same benefits.


Sure, this style of toilet is different, even awkward or silly, but isn’t at all bad —it’s actually good for you!

It certainly takes some getting used to but if it’s beneficial for your body…then it’s worth it.

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