Prana: life energy

Prana is that which encompasses everything. It is found in all forms of life from bacteria, to plants, to animals. Prana is indescribable, but can be characterized as something like ‘the Force’, the same Force that permeates the world of Star Wars. In our world It is the Universal Energy, the Vitalizing Force, the Vital Air, the Life Breath that surrounds us. It is in us and is us. We store Prana in our body, the Prana that we breath-in through the air and we become charged with It; Prana becomes us.

It is the energy that we use to go about our day. Swami Vishnu-devananda in The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga states that “every action conscious or unconscious uses up a certain amount of Pranic Energy — [then] when the amount of Pranic Energy spent is more than the body can restore, the body feels weak”. A quick way to get tired fast is by using Pranic Energy to fuel uncontrolled emotions. Unnecessary anger, excessive worrying, greed, anxiety, tension and all such lower emotions just carelessly waste Pranic Energy.

That is why it is so important to meditate. By practicing meditation one can relieve the mind and body of unnecessary tensions and replenish Pranic Energy. This energy which brings us an abundance of vitality and strength.

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