Dominican Republic, summer 2013


I was fortunate enough to participate in a community design project in the Dominican Republic with a group of incredible, passionated, fun and adventurous people: Hannah Badwan, Laura De La Cruz, Deyanira Haro, Destiny Hillis, Alexandria Jimenez, Morgan Kelleher, Angel Lopez, Ryan McFarlin, Anthony Porché, Nicole Proulx, Tatiana Shimchenok, Hillary Van Assche, and Melody Ward.

Led by professor Kelly Monico, the Metropolitan State University of Denver study-abroad course granted our group of hardworking designers the opportunity to engage the Haitian community of La Piedra in Santo Domingo and come up with design solutions to serve the community and empower the youth.

This is the full story:
Video created by: Morgan Kelleher, Angel Lopez, Nicole Proulx, Hillary Van Assche and Melody Ward. Narration by yours truly: me ;)


The original (higher quality) video may be viewed on Vimeo, here.

For more about the project or to support the cause you may visit the website: ComunidadLaPiedra.