Monday Motivation: Marie Kondo

Around the web, some are saying that the Marie Kondo* tidying up method is hurting physical book sales. I guess there’s a part in Marie’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing that states something about minimizing the amount of books you own. But the whole book is about getting rid of everything in your life that doesn’t “spark joy!”

If books “spark joy” you get to keep them —and you can recommend them too. So I recommend Marie Kondo’s book.

It’s been a couple years since I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it’s not a book I continuously go back to, over and over, like Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert —I already have a natural ability to sort, minimize and organize so I easily internalized (and don’t need to keep going back to) Marie Kondo’s book.

But that doesn’t mean other people should forget about this book, or the Netflix special: TIDYING UP with Marie Kondo (direct Netflix link).

marie-kondo-netflix-special-tidying up

Marie Kondo’s words and method are crucial to embrace in this day and age of 24/7 on-demand shopping. We have the ability to clutter our every inch of space, and too many of us do. So it’s good that Marie Kondo, her books and Netflix special, are becoming so popularized, people need help sometimes —specially with letting go of things; material things that they worked so hard to buy.

But if the things no longer bring joy, they only weigh the soul down.

We need to focus on the things that “spark joy” —we must give those things our love and attention & remove all the rest.

1. what are ten things that bring you joy?
2. when do you ever really need anything new?

*clicking on Marie Kondo will redirect you to her website,

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Monday Motivation: Rodolfo Benavides

Esoteric author, Rodolfo Benavides (b. 1907 d. 1998) wrote many profound books about the mysteries of the human condition, and soul. These books include titles such as: Entonces seremos Dioses; Levantando la cortina; La visita del muerto; Dramáticas profecias de la Gran Pirámide; La escritura, huella del alma; La verdad está en las manos; Rumbos humanos; Torbellino de sombras; La visita del muerto; En la noche de los tiempo; Cuando Las Piedras Hablan Los Hombres Tiemblan.

It’s almost impossible to find and purchase a copy of any of Rodolfo Benavides’ books.

Rodolfo Benavides’ books have been out of print for decades. Back in January I tried finding a copy of Entonces seremos Dioses online; I checked Amazon, I check Barns & Noble, I scoured Google for hours and days…finally I found a copy on

A seller in Spain, Pliego had a copy and I bought it right away. The shipping would take months; the book should arrive by March the receipt officially stated. By May I still hadn’t received the book so I contacted the Pliego, they said they would investigate and get back to me. A month later and a few more email inquiries I got confirmation that the book had been lost in transit.

entonces seremos dioses- abebook purchase recipet

Where can I find a copy of Entonces seremos Dioses?

Entonces seremos Dioses was translated into English in 1975, it is titled Then We Shall Be As Gods. I’d love to get my hands on a copy of either version. I want to read all of Rodolfo Benavides parapsychological adventures!

rodolfo benavides books screenshoot on google images

Lucky I’ve been able to find the following free copies of Rodolfo Benavides book’s online:

  1. Levantando la cortina by Benavidez, Rodolfo —
  1. Cuando Las Piedras Hablan Los Hombres Tiemblan by Benavidez, Rodolfo —
  1. La Verda Esta En Las Manos by Benavidez, Rodolfo —

Additional readings about Rodolfo Benavides around the web: THE END OF TIMES? by Ricardo Beas, Dec. 2012 —


Live your Present


a few good posts from
1. What is my Present?
2. Why should I meditate everyday? 
3. the Yogi utility belt